Huawei ADS 2.0 got on the bus in the first batch, and Aouita built a smart driving "ceiling"

Although some car company executives think that high-level intelligent driving is "empty-headed", the ceiling of driving assistance-end-to-end urban NCA products are rapidly landing and unfolding. Aouita, with the help of Huawei, is one of the most important forces.

On April 16th, at the Huawei 2023 Smart Car Solution Conference, Huawei advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0 made its debut. As the first and only brand that comes standard with HI Huawei’s full-stack smart car solution, Aouita will iterate Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0 for the first time.

According to Huawei, in terms of urban experience, ADS 2.0 can understand road elements such as road signs and traffic lights even without high-precision maps, making it possible to open without maps. This year, 45 cities without maps will land.

The high-speed NCA function will further improve the scene ability of going up and down the ramp, avoiding obstacles and building roads, and make the average manual takeover mileage increase from 100km in HUAWEI ADS 1.0 to 200km.

The parking link will further improve the handling capacity of narrow parking spaces, which can be easily completed through APA intelligent parking for narrow parking spaces with a car width margin of only more than 0.4 meters; For extremely narrow parking spaces with a car width margin of less than 0.4 meters, RPA can also be used to realize direct entry and direct exit. And these functions, Aouita 11 will be realized by iteration in the second half of the year.

In the second half of this year, Aouita’s first model, Aouita 11, will be equipped with the native Huawei HarmonyOS car operating system, which will bring users a common and new car experience.

Based on the unique CHN cooperation mode of Changan Automobile, Huawei and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, Aouita and Huawei have formed a deep bond of risk sharing and benefit sharing. We cooperated hand in hand at the bottom stage of R&D, and Huawei has been integrated into the brand gene of Aouita. Such in-depth cooperation enables Aouita to respond quickly and realize Huawei’s every capability upgrade and iteration in the field of intelligent driving and cockpit.

According to Tan Benhong, Chairman and CEO of Aouita, "Although intelligent driving in the full sense is a long-term thing, we should see it just because we believe it, not just because we see it. China really wants to change lanes and overtake. To occupy the future, it is necessary to become a new leader. "

In the future, Aouita will continue to fully invest in the intelligent track, build a brand moat, and take the lead in leading industry changes through scale.

A few days ago, Aouita’s first model, Aouita 11 City Intelligent Driving Navigation Assistant System, has rolled out the test drive experience in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chongqing, becoming a brand that opens the whole scene and high-order intelligent assisted driving in the most cities in China. Aouita 11′ s AVP parking service function also made its debut in Chongqing.

There are very few car brands that dare to drive in urban areas, but Aouita is the only car brand that can try urban assisted driving in Chongqing, which is known as the 8D magic city.

Different from the cities in plain areas, the criss-crossing overpass network, narrow steep slopes and intertwined main roads all constitute the complex and magical traffic environment of "mountain city" Chongqing, which is also a test of intelligent driving ability.

The NCA system in the 11th urban area of Aouita is based on Huawei ADS, which gives full play to the powerful potential of its software and hardware system, making it clear, accurate and stable. Even in the corner case, which is imperceptible to the naked eye, Aouita can quickly reflect and effectively solve it.

In our daily driving, the most common situations are complex intersection recognition and pedestrian and motor vehicle recognition and avoidance. The NCA system in Aouita city can accurately identify the color change, arrow direction and countdown information of traffic lights, so as to control the driving of vehicles independently according to the traffic lights. When you need to turn, you will also turn on the turn signal in advance and wait in the waiting/waiting area to improve the traffic efficiency.

Interestingly, on the dashboard of Aouita 11, trucks, cars, buses, non-motor vehicles, pedestrians, lanes and traffic lights can be accurately identified and displayed. In some narrow roads and paths, motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles are mixed. This urban NCA system can analyze in real time, predict the behaviors of pedestrians and non-motor vehicle traffic participants, and make flexible avoidance.

In the low-speed congested road section during rush hour, Aouita 11 can predict the intention of other cars to start, stop and jam according to the intelligent driving interactive game algorithm, and complete the start-stop following action with the best sense of body, so as to avoid the uncomfortable sense of body caused by frequent start-stop of human drivers in the same scene. When changing lanes, Aouita 11 will quickly complete a series of operations, such as lighting, steering and righting, after ensuring the safety of the front and rear sides, with caution and flexibility.

Aouita AVP parking service function, which made its debut in Chongqing, is the most advanced intelligent parking technology in the industry at this stage, which can restore the global path of multi-floor complex basement without feeling. It not only automatically plans the optimal route, but also intelligently avoids vehicles and pedestrians. If the target parking space is occupied, the vehicle will start roaming independently and find available parking spaces to park automatically.

Compared with friends, the parking service function of AVP can intelligently identify the garage entrance, and complete such actions as turning around, reversing, and circling at the speed of human driving. In the path selection, it is not memory along the track, but intelligent planning and flexible choice of parking spaces. When parking, it can also support parking in horizontal, vertical and oblique parking spaces.

For this reason, Yu Chengdong praised Aouita 11′ s intelligent driving performance at Huawei’s press conference. "Aouita 11 has a very cool appearance, excellent quietness and maneuverability, and the performance of high-level intelligent driving assistance is very strong. NCA uses navigation assistance more and more, and the parking data is soaring rapidly after listing, which has gained a very good reputation."

At the same time, he mentioned, "At present, the mileage of high-speed takeover of Aouita 11 has reached 95 kilometers, now it has exceeded 100 kilometers, and it will exceed 200 kilometers by the end of the year. Aouita 11, chairman and CEO of Aouita Tan Benhong, drove from Shenzhen to Shanghai, about 1,600 kilometers, and only took over twice. I hope to achieve zero takeover in the future."

The excellent performance of NCA system in Aouita benefits from 34 intelligent driving sensors that are standard on vehicles, and a four-layer perception protection system is constructed for maximum safety redundancy. At the same time, AVATRUTH supercomputing system includes high-performance computing platform, fusion sensing algorithm, VRU interaction and game algorithm, and data simulation training, which can provide 360-degree full coverage fusion sensing ability.

It is worth mentioning that, for Huawei’s leading technology, Aouita is not simply a brinkmanship, but will rely on Changan Automobile’s understanding of cars and users to realize the multi-dimensional scene data feedback to Huawei, and help Huawei to achieve the C-end high-level intelligent driving ceiling capability and the industry-leading OTA iterative efficiency as soon as possible.

Many advanced intelligent driving assistance functions in Aouita have been recognized by users. Up to now, the cumulative mileage of ICA and NCA of Aouita 11 has exceeded one million kilometers, and the cumulative call of APA intelligent parking assistance has reached 220,000 times.

According to the Research Report on China’s New Car Purchase Intention in 2021 released by the global research institute J.D.Power, nearly a quarter of the people who intend to buy a car regard intelligent experience as the most important decision-making factor. The latest generation of intelligent driving system ADS 2.0 released by Huawei will also help Aouita ride on the intelligent track.

Since the beginning of this year, a price war in the automobile industry started by Tou New Energy Automobile Company has made almost all automobile brands unexpected and affected them. Automobile companies whose products are not competitive enough or fail to accurately grasp users’ needs are being swept out in this cruel industry elimination competition, while Aouita relies on its unique CHN model and perception of users to show its advantages.

As of April 5th, Aouita 11 has delivered more than 6,000 vehicles. Compared with the delivery of the first products of other new power brands in the first three months, the delivery speed of Aouita 11 is the fastest. At the same time, in March, Aouita 11 won the first place in the insurance amount of pure electric vehicles with China brand of over 300,000, occupying the leading position in the high-end SEV market of over 300,000 in China.

The rapid development of Aouita also proves from the side that excellent intelligent experience is very important to meet the needs of young consumers. Consumers have gradually realized that cars are no longer just tools for travel, but mobile phones with "four wheels" and may be mobile places for entertainment and office in the future.

China’s own brands have grasped the consumers’ demand for intelligence and electrification, launched an impact on the high-end market with a joint venture and luxury brand monopoly of over 300,000 yuan, and gradually gained a foothold. Perhaps Volkswagen and Toyota belonging to China will be born in the future.

In the process of upward breakthrough, Huawei is an important level for Aouita to keep ahead, and Aouita is also the most successful brand of Huawei’s commercialization under the current HI model. The two have achieved each other and are inseparable.

Yu Chengdong, CEO of BG and CEO of BU, Huawei’s smart car solution, revealed at the 2023 China Electric Vehicle committee of 100 that Aouita is the only partner of Huawei’s HI model. He has publicly stated that Huawei will give full support to Aouita, and promised that Aouita will be the ceiling of the industry in terms of intelligent experience that car owners, users and the outside world are generally concerned about.

Some car companies are worried about handing over their souls to Huawei, but Aouita is not worried about this. In the brand’s view, the soul of the brand in the new era lies in the insight of users and the integration of innovative technologies to create new experiences for users. Huawei’s choice to cooperate with other automobile brands can also help China’s smart electric vehicles become bigger and stronger.

From the past three HI models to the only one left in Aouita, we can also see that Huawei has identified the sales volume, and whoever sells well will tilt more resources to him. At present, Aouita is undoubtedly the one with the strongest momentum and the fastest progress.

According to the plan, this year, Aouita will continue to focus on Aouita 11 and brand-new medium and large cars, and quickly enter the development track of "two cars in parallel". In terms of channels, Aouita completed the layout of more than 200 channel contacts within seven months, and plans to cover 110 cities this year, with the number of channel outlets reaching 500. At the same time, Aouita 11 has been stationed in Huawei stores, which will enhance brand exposure through Huawei’s channel capabilities.

Since the beginning of this year, the price war in the automobile industry has swept over 40 brands, and a cruel brand elimination tournament is under way. After the first round of price war, the market share will be accelerated to concentrate on head independence and new energy brands, and the market share of second-and third-tier brands may face a long-term downward trend, and the weak new car-making forces will gradually be eliminated from this torrent.

Technology is a sharp weapon to cross the industry cycle, and a flexible supply chain is the guarantee of stability. The new forces and independent brands in China will still compete fiercely in products, channels, capital and other dimensions. The next two years will be the most competitive two years in the new energy vehicle market, and also the two years that determine the success or failure of every automobile enterprise.

Only car brands that are firm in intelligent track, have insight into users’ psychology and master the advantages of supply chain can operate for a long time.