Independent SUV sales! Tiggo 8 champion family climbs to new heights with hard core strength.

Stepping into the spring of April, the automobile consumption market keeps picking up, and good news in the automobile industry spreads frequently. In the past quarter, the cumulative sales volume of Chery Automobile reached 330,335 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 44.1% and a record high. Since 2023, Chery Automobile has continued to exert its strength, leading the industry in sales volume, rising against the trend with a growth rate of 16.5% in January, soaring with a growth rate of 71% in February, and continuing its strong momentum in March, with a year-on-year increase of 52.7%. Among them, Chery automobile SUV "trump card" car system — — The sales volume of the champion family of Tiggo 8 reached 19,537 vehicles in March, which became the primary "hero" of Chery’s sales growth. At the same time, it also demonstrated the powerful car-making strength of domestic SUVs with the champion quality of the new era.

140,000-level intelligent "ceiling", Tiggo 8 PRO wins with "wisdom"

Since its birth in 2018, the champion family of Tiggo 8 has occupied the hot-selling list of SUVs of 100,000-150,000 grades all the year round, and has become the star model of Chery Automobile going abroad, winning the favor of more than 600,000 users around the world, and winning the excellent reputation of "China Double Crown Global Love". The three models of the Tiggo 8 Champion Family cover the SUV market of 100,000-150,000, and are always committed to continuously meeting the increasing demand of users for cars, and creating a high-quality driving experience leading the same level for users. And the family has the "flagship of science and technology" — — Tiggo 8 PRO has become the intelligent "ceiling" of 140,000-class SUV with its leading intelligent equipment and excellent smart travel experience.

Making young people’s wishes come true is the key to the success of Tiggo 8 PRO. Growing up in the era of mobile Internet, a new generation of young people are Internet aborigines and seriously dependent on science and technology, and pay great attention to high-tech experience. Tiggo 8 PRO takes intelligent technology as a new breakthrough and is equipped with the strongest gold power of its own brand — — Kunpeng Power’s 2.0TGDI and 1.6TGDI engines are also equipped with the family’s unique Lion5.0 AI technology and wisdom cockpit, and the industry-leading chip technology is used to support the car system. Its horizon journey three generations of chips have a computing power of 5 trillion times per second, and the data processing ability is stronger, bringing a smoother and more efficient interactive experience between people and cars. In addition, Xiaoqi Smart Car Butler 5.0 has built-in lion fast application with huge functions, which covers the users’ basic necessities, clothing, food, housing and transportation, while the interconnection function of the mobile phone car machine seamlessly connects work and entertainment, and smart travel is "one step ahead", bringing users the ultimate new choice for scientific and technological travel.

Car-mounted "black technology" that fascinates many young people — — The intelligent driving assistance system helps users to realize the temporary liberation of their hands and feet, and the fifteen intelligent driving assistance carried by Tiggo 8 PRO covers all kinds of road conditions such as urban congestion and high-speed car following, effectively alleviating driving fatigue. It is equipped with a full-speed ACC adaptive cruise system, which can liberate the user’s feet and realize the automatic deceleration of the vehicle to follow the car; When the front side is in danger of collision, the AEB automatic emergency braking system can give a warning to the driver or automatically stop to ensure 100% safety of driving. In addition, RCTA’s early warning system for traffic blind spots behind reversing can monitor other rear drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, and remove the hidden danger of reversing. High-level intelligent driving assistance "escorts" users’ daily travel, and brings you a 12-point peace of mind experience in busy and complicated traffic sections.

The 120,000-level quality is "top flow", and the Tiggo 8 PLUS is moving with "comfort"

The SUV pedigree of the Tiggo 8 champion family is perfect, and the user base is quite extensive, which not only covers young "technology-controlled" users, but also meets the consumer demand that pays attention to quality. In the 120,000-level segment, Tiggo 8 PLUS makes it easy for more users to have the same configuration of luxury cars with the price of "grounding gas" and enjoy a comfortable experience that is not lost to luxury cars.

Home-based consumers pay attention to the convenience and comfort of driving, and hope that the car can bring quality improvement to family travel. Tiggo 8 PLUS has an accurate insight into this consumption trend, adopts many luxury configurations that are rare at the same level, and the functional design is quite careful. Its leather seat is specially equipped with aviation pressure head pillow, which has the functions of heating, ventilation and memory, and has a better sense of body. With the 10-speaker high-fidelity Sony stereo, it provides a pleasant sensory enjoyment for driving. In addition, the convenient Bluetooth key, even if you forget to bring your car key, you don’t have to worry. You can start the vehicle remotely by using your mobile phone. As for the induction trunk of luxury cars, the Tiggo 8 PLUS also has "arrangement". Users only need to lift their feet gently, and the trunk lid can be automatically opened, which relieves many inconveniences when carrying heavy objects. In addition to the comfortable and convenient car experience, we also take into account various travel details, so that users can fully enjoy high-quality car life.

Not only the rich leapfrog configuration, but also the driving performance of the Tiggo 8 PLUS is equally excellent. The car is equipped with the top ten engines of "China Heart" — — Kunpeng Power 1.6TGDI engine has a maximum power of 145kW, a peak torque of 290N·m and an acceleration of 8 seconds per 100 km. At the moment of stepping on the accelerator, the driver can feel the strong power output of the vehicle and appreciate the refreshing feeling when the speed is increased! Far beyond the power performance of the same level, the official comprehensive fuel consumption of the Tiggo 8 PLUS is only 6.8L per 100 kilometers, achieving excellent performance and efficiency, becoming the performance benchmark of the same level, leading users to enjoy the passionate driving control with high power and low fuel consumption.

"Benchmark" of 100,000-level value, Tiggo 8 Kunpeng Edition wins with "super value"

Tiggo 8 champion family has won the recognition of consumers with its strong Kunpeng power and strong champion quality. Among them, the Tiggo 8 Kunpeng Edition is rooted in the 100,000-class SUV market, and with its large space and strong power, it shapes the "benchmark" of the same level of value. On this basis, the 2023 model provides the top ten standard products of the whole department, bringing the value-added feeling of consumption upgrade to users who pursue high cost performance.

A sense of high value can be described as the "winning way" of Tiggo 8 Kunpeng Edition. A variety of practical designs and functions that meet the needs of the whole family perfectly solve the travel problem of many families. The 5 2-seat flexible large space design and the trunk loading capacity of 889L-1930L "maximize" the most basic manned and cargo-carrying function of the vehicle. Whether it is a family outing or daily shopping, a Tiggo 8 Kunpeng version can be fully competent and easily meet the diversified car demand. At present, intelligent travel has become the general trend. The 2023 Tiggo 8 Kunpeng Edition has enhanced the technological configuration of vehicles on the basis of its existing advantages. The whole system comes standard with a 24.6-inch dual screen, equipped with Xiaoqi smart car housekeeper, and the touch operation and voice interaction between people and cars make the driving experience more interesting. Convenient shift paddles, fast charging of mobile phones, 360-degree reversing images and other rich configurations and functions not only make daily driving more convenient and safe, but also allow users to enjoy high-value cars far beyond the 100,000-class SUV.

Since the advent of Tiggo 8 in 2018, it has demonstrated the championship level with its excellent performance of strong power and large space. With the successive addition of Tiggo 8 PLUS and Tiggo 8 PRO, the product matrix has been continuously improved and the quality of the champion has been continuously upgraded, becoming a well-deserved "champion" spanning 100,000 to 150,000 SUVs. With the increasingly strong power performance, scientific and technological performance and comfortable and luxurious driving experience of the three models, the champion quality of the Tiggo 8 family has gradually gained popularity. In the prelude of Chery Automobile’s "good start" in the first quarter, the Tiggo 8 champion family once again verified the extraordinary champion strength with a monthly sales of over 10,000, which became a brand-new starting point for winning the future and creating greater glories.