Four ways to unlock the screen lock password if you forget how to unlock it.

  The development of mobile phones is very rapid, and today’s mobile phones are also very powerful. Therefore, many friends pay more and more attention to the security of mobile phones, so many friends have the habit of locking the screen, and the main reason for locking the screen is not to let others see the privacy of their mobile phones. The screen locking effect is very good, but many friends will encounter the problem of forgetting the screen locking password when using it. What should I do if I forget the screen locking password? The following small series will share the lock screen password in detail and forget how to unlock it.

  I forgot how to unlock the screen lock password.

  First, the shutdown method

  Press the phone’s power button to turn off the phone directly, or unplug the battery directly and restart it. Because the screen lock is started after the screen is not operated for a period of time, when it is started, it directly enters the system’s own unlock interface or directly the main interface. At this time, you can directly uninstall the screen lock software! Or download a cover the installation again, and the original screen lock pattern or password will be automatically released! Just reset it. This method tests that most mobile phones are available.

  Second, the tool method

  The latest version of the Brush Wizard is installed on the PC (the official address is Baidu Brush Wizard’s first one), and the computer starts the Brush Wizard client.

  Turn on USB debugging mode on the mobile phone! The method of opening USB debugging mode for each version is as follows:

  Andriod2.1 to 2.3.7

  Click the Menu key of the mobile phone to set (or find the Setting in the application), and the application will open the USB debugging mode.

  Andriod4.0 to 4.1.2

  Click the Menu key of the mobile phone, set (or find the Setting in the application), the developer option, and open the USB debugging mode.


  Click the mobile phone Menu key to set (or find the Setting in the application) about the mobile phone.

  Click the version number seven times in a row to return to the setting menu interface, and the developer can choose. Click the switch in the upper right corner to open USB debugging mode.

  The mobile phone is connected to the brush wizard through USB! If it is the first time for you to use the Brush Wizard, the system needs to install the driver, which takes about 2-3 minutes. After the installation, the PC system will be prompted in the lower right corner that the installation is successful! At this point, just unplug the USB cable and reconnect.

  After successfully identifying the mobile phone, you can operate it! Identify successful interfaces! Click on the utility above the Brush Wizard.

  Enter the utility interface and click Clear Screen Lock Password! Pay attention to keep the phone connected to the PC during the whole process.

  At this point, the software prompts that you need to ROOT your phone before clearing the password. If your phone is already ROOT, then go directly to the next step. Without ROOT, the brush wizard will automatically root your phone! Click Continue! Until the password is cleared successfully.

  Third, the data clearing method

  In the off state, press and hold the volume-,home (that small house), power button in turn, and enter recovery. Select wipe data/factory reset to clear user data and restore factory settings.

  Note that different brands have slightly different ways to enter recovery. When it is turned off, Samsung presses the volume-,home (the small house), power button, HTC is home, back button and power button in turn. Moto is the volume+,power button.

  Fourth, other methods

  If you are a sony mobile phone, it will be simple! Connect the phone with Sony PC Companion without USB debugging mode, click Support zone, and choose to repair the phone.

  If you are a mobile phone made in China, such as Huawei, a graphic button "Forgot to Unlock" will appear after you try to enter the wrong unlocking graphic for 5 times, and the system will prompt you to enter the Google account. Well, enter the Google account and you will be unlocked.

  The above is the knowledge about how to unlock the lock screen password if you forget it in detail. I hope our sharing will help you, and I hope that you can learn to correctly handle the problem of forgetting the lock screen password in your future life. And our sharing above is also very detailed. If you encounter such problems in your future life, as long as you follow our sharing steps, you can solve the lock screen. At the same time, I hope that our sharing content can help more friends.