BYD zooms in, Qin Pro strikes! The guide price is 90,000 yuan, and you still don’t buy navigation road information display and car networking?

Whether it is a fuel vehicle or a new energy vehicle, as long as it meets the needs of consumers, it is a good car. If I had to recommend two gasoline cars, I would first think of and. So let’s take a look at it next.

Model: 2018 1.5TI automatic Zhilian Fengshang National V
Guide price: 99,800 yuan
Overall retail sales of cars from 2020 to October: 1,291 vehicles.

The 2018 1.5TI automatic Zhilian Fengshang car head presents a personalized design style. The large mouth grille is decorated with chrome-plated strips, and with sharp matrix headlights, it looks quite exaggerated and conforms to the aesthetics of consumers.

In terms of tires, the front and rear tyre size of the car are both 205/60 R16, and the design of double five-spoke wheels is adopted.

I came to the 2018 1.5TI automatic Zhilian Fengshang car, and the interior was dominated by black with silver ornaments, which enhanced the visual exquisiteness. The car is decorated with a 10.1-inch touch LCD central control panel, giving people a symmetrical aesthetic feeling.

Owner’s comments:
Finally, to sum up this car, as the first car in my life, I am absolutely satisfied with my patriotic feelings when I choose this domestic brand, and I am very satisfied with the reputation and quality in China.

Model: 2020 Zhixuan X 1.5L CVT Premium Edition Country VI
Guide price: 103,800 yuan
Overall retail sales of cars from 2020 to October: 8,480 vehicles.

The front of the car gives a very hard-core feeling, and with the trapezoidal grille, it is full of strength. Next, look at the configuration. The 2020 X 1.5L CVT Premium Edition comes standard with LED low and far beams, LED daytime running lights, halogen front fog lights and adjustable headlights.

Let’s take a look at the tires. The front and rear tyre size of the car are both 185/60 R15, and the multi-spoke rim design is adopted.

In the rear part, the design looks thick, and the overall shape is like a knife carving axe. It looks very tough and the design takes a heavy route. The exhaust pipe adopts a hidden design, and the taillights are quite satisfactory. Through the use of a large number of lines, it reveals a tough taste.

Sitting in the car, the interior of the 2020 X 1.5L CVT Premium Edition is dominated by black, and the style is more commercial. The three-spoke multi-function steering wheel has a good overall design.

Owner’s comments: Finally, let’s sum up this car, which is very cost-effective. Because of the car, it has fewer problems in the later period, and the maintenance cost is relatively low, the fuel consumption is also quite low, and the preservation rate is quite high.

Summary: The performance of safety configuration is average, but it also meets the performance of this model level. It is equipped with main/co-driver airbags, front side airbags, tire pressure alarm, etc. The performance of power is not outstanding, but it can only be regarded as quite satisfactory. However, the space performance is very good, and the whole family can easily put down all their luggage when traveling. The price performance is good, the price is not high, but everything is available.