Black technology blessing, ask M7 to bring the ultimate control comparable to millions of luxury cars.

  AITO asks M7 to locate a luxurious and intelligent large-scale electric SUV, which has the ultimate aesthetic design that perfectly interprets the luxurious and comfortable space and sense of technology, providing users with an easy, convenient, intelligent and convenient immersive driving experience; Six-seat large space layout forms, which realize the better vision and sense of space in the front, middle and back rows, meet the car scene of family travel, and provide users with advanced travel courtesy; The pure electric drive extended range platform with excellent performance and long endurance performance, with the blessing of these core advantages, AITO asks M7 to build a new people-centered driving experience.

The industry’s first commercial

  AITO world M7 has the industry’s first commercial AITO zero-gravity seat, which is led by Japanese seat expert Yamazaki and developed in cooperation with Hunan University and Wuhan Institute of Technology. AITO zero-gravity seat innovatively adopts the original 3-axis dynamic adjustment. Through the linkage adjustment of double slide rails driven by 6 motors, the seat can move backward and left, and the front and rear spaces in the car are skillfully used as much as possible to achieve the ultimate space experience. AITO zero-gravity seat has a large torque angle adjuster and a large-angle retractor, so that the seat can reach zero-gravity state quickly and smoothly after electric adjustment, which makes people feel like floating on the water surface or in the cloud, creating a real zero-pressure suspension feeling.

  M7 has the most suitable golden angle for human body. Combined with repeated tests of dynamic body pressure distribution and static body pressure distribution of human skeleton, through the simulation test of skeletal muscle dynamics model and the test experiment of dynamic and static seat comfort, it is concluded that the pressure distribution of occupant’s body on backrest and cushion is the most uniform when the included angle between thigh and trunk is 113, and the comfort curve of M7 is the most suitable for human body.

  The zero-pressure suspension of the M7 makes the knee height closer to the heart position, so that the pressure of blood circulation will be greatly reduced, and you can enjoy the comfort of floating clouds anytime and anywhere. Wenjie M7 is equipped with four-way leg rest+exclusive patented suspension lifting mechanism (lifting cushion), which finally realizes the only zero-gravity sitting posture in the industry. In such a lying posture, the design of AITO zero-gravity seat increases the stress area of human body and seat, and the oppressive feeling of the user’s body will be distributed to the legs, hips and waist when sitting, which makes people feel like floating on the water or clouds without oppressive feeling, and enjoy the ultimate comfort.

  In order to simplify things, AITO zero-gravity seat not only supports one-button electronic control to switch between sitting posture and "zero-gravity" posture, but also can lie down or recover with one button through the big screen of the car machine and intelligent voice art.

  The M7 supports 14-way free adjustment, and users can create their own comfortable posture according to their own preferences. Different from the design of the second row of other SUV models, AITO zero-gravity seat is designed with safety belt buckle on the seat, which can be fully protected even in lying position. When picking up children, parents or leaders, the zero-gravity seat designed on the right side is more convenient to get on and off, leaving the most comfortable riding experience to the most distinguished C position.

Silent black technology blessing, comparable to millions of luxury cars.

  AITO boundary M7 starts from noise reduction and sound insulation, which reduces the influence of power system noise, road noise and wind noise on the cockpit, and at the same time, the addition of silent electric suction door reduces the disturbance to the back rest users when closing the door. With the help of a series of silent black technologies, the noise inside the car is as low as 35dB when the car is idling, achieving the quiet effect of the music department. At the high speed of 120Km/h, the noise inside the car is only 64dB, and the language clarity is 86%. The cockpit still maintains the ultimate quiet enjoyment.

  AITO M7 car body adopts 156 car body wind noise control technologies, which have been repeatedly verified by several rounds of wind tunnel experiments to build an excellent NVH foundation. The front windshield and side windows of the vehicle adopt 4.76mm three-sided double-layer sound insulation glass, and the interior adopts sound insulation pad+sound absorption cotton to acoustically encapsulate the vehicle, which can effectively isolate the noise. At the same time, the M7 uses a multi-layer chassis isolation system to suppress the tire noise and vibration caused by vehicle running. The front and rear sub-frames are connected with the car body through bushings, which can effectively improve the comfort and quietness of the car in the dynamic process, reduce the vibration of the car body and improve the ride comfort. The inner wall of the low-noise silent tire is also added with sound-absorbing cotton, which can effectively inhibit the generation of tire noise.

  In AITO’s M7 audio system, HUAWEI SOUND luxury audio is equipped with 19 professional-grade audio units (15 body +4 headrest) and uses Boom-Boom bass transient control technology, which can perfectly support the output of 1000W power amplifier. Full-system active frequency division technology, 7.1-channel immersion sound field, industry-class main driver headrest sound system and ENC active noise reduction function bring a better immersive audio-visual experience. At the same time, the car is equipped with front and rear speakers for the first time, providing dual-channel 27w wide audio, providing a unique and wonderful experience of music outside the car.

  In addition, Huawei’s super content ecology and software algorithms will maximize the quality of HUAWEI SOUND’s high-end hardware and provide a rich audio-visual entertainment experience.

The right wheelbase design has both handling and comfortable driving experience.

  AITO asks M7 to redefine six big spaces. It adopts three rows and six seats spatial layout design, which is comfortable, spacious and independent. Each passenger can have independent coasters, stereos and reading lights, which has a wide field of vision, meets the car scene of family travel and enjoys high-end travel courtesy.

  Through reasonable arrangement of cockpit space and targeted optimization design of space, the AITOtal space of the front, middle and rear rows has reached 2605mm, and the longitudinal distance is superior to the same level. At the same time, the right wheelbase design makes the turning radius only 5.87m, which improves the flexibility of turning, turning and parking, and makes the vehicle more mobile.

  AITO asked M7 to create a unique six-in-one range extender powertrain, which adopts a horizontal layout, greatly reducing the distance between L113, that is, the front wheel hub and the front pedal, so that less "pools" get more space, and the space conversion rate reaches 92.4%.

  AITO asks M7 to benefit from the characteristics of SUV models. The design of sitting posture in the front row is relatively high, which brings a comfortable and wide field of vision. During driving, the driver has a wide field of vision and fewer blind spots, so he can observe the road traffic situation more clearly and travel more safely.

  AITO Jiejie M7 is equipped with a high-class first-class seat in the whole vehicle, which adopts a three-layer structure of ventilated cotton+high compression ratio and low compression permanent deformation high elastic cotton+high resilience and low density modified MDI foam of over 60%, and is made of high-grade Nappa-patterned leather to obtain soft skin touch and excellent seating comfort.

  Both the front row and the second row of seats provide seat massage, ventilation and heating functions, with excellent heating performance, outstanding ventilation effect and no fear of seasonal changes. The seat massage function allows users to bid farewell to backache caused by long-term driving. The third row of seats provide independent cup holders, stereos and reading lights, and provide six adjustable gears to take care of every passenger’s feelings.

  AITO M7′ s proper wheelbase design meets the needs of users who want to have a full-size and large space, and it also has a sense of control of the coupe. The turning radius is only 5.87m, so the overall maneuverability is better, and it is more convenient to turn, turn around and park. By optimizing the design and adopting the highly integrated six-in-one range extender powertrain, the boundary M7 greatly reduces the distance between L113, that is, the front wheel hub and the front pedal; The use of theater-style seat layout not only makes the vision transparent but also makes the space comfortable; Optimize the design of fuel tank and rear suspension to improve the third row and increase leg space; With less "pool", more space is obtained, and the space conversion rate of the boundary M7 reaches 92.4%.

Zero-anxiety extended-range electric, with the ultimate control comparable to sports cars.

  AITO Wenjie M7 is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender specially designed for the extended range system. The rear-drive version of Wenjie M7 can achieve 1220km battery life under CLTC condition, 230km battery life under CLTC condition and the fuel consumption is as low as 5.8L/ 100km. The M7 four-wheel drive version can achieve a battery life of 1,100 kilometers under CLTC conditions and a battery life of 200 kilometers under CLTC conditions, as low as 6.3L/ 100 kilometers.

  High-performance SUV accelerates the experience and wins directly at the starting line. AITO Interface M7 is equipped with a dual-motor four-wheel drive scheme consisting of dual permanent magnet synchronous motors. The combined maximum output power of the four-wheel drive motor is 330kW, and the maximum torque is 660Nm. The four-wheel drive version accelerates by 4.8s per 100 km, and the rear-wheel drive version accelerates by 7.8s per 100 km, which has the ultimate performance comparable to that of a sports car.

  The HUAWEI DriveONE pure electric drive extended range platform mounted on AITO’s M7 uses the industry-leading precision oil cooling technology. Compared with the water cooling technology widely used in the industry, the cooling effect of key components is obviously improved under the same power and torque. The high-speed oil-cooled motor can be directly cooled by oil injection, which can effectively improve heat dissipation. Among them, the average peak temperature of winding is reduced by 30℃, the peak temperature of magnetic steel is reduced by 15℃, and the volume is reduced by 15%, which fundamentally improves the power and quietness.

  High-quality chassis, compatible with home and business. AITO M7 front suspension adopts enhanced McPherson independent suspension, and the spring structure of shock absorber is newly designed, which can improve the eccentricity of spring and reduce the friction of suspension system, and finally enhance the softness of filtering bumpy road surface. The rear suspension adopts H-shaped multi-link independent suspension, which provides higher lateral control in handling. After 10 months of ingenious adjustment, the chassis has better vehicle handling and body stability.

  The newly developed braking system of AITO M7 adopts Bosch’s latest braking system. The diameter of the brake caliper piston is increased, and the front and rear brake discs are replaced with larger 48mm brake discs, which can achieve the braking distance of 34.2 meters for the rear drive version and 35.5 meters for the four-wheel drive version, which is comparable to that of a sports car.

  AITO has a 360-degree intelligent panoramic parking system. It is composed of 12 ultrasonic radars, 4 APA high-definition cameras and APA controller. It uses visual and ultrasonic fusion to identify parking spaces and obstacles, and supports 100+ parking scenes (including special scenes such as incomplete parking lines and curved parking spaces), which can realize the identification of parking space limiters and easily free hands.


  AITO M7 is designed according to C-NCAP(21-year standard) 5-star standard and China Insurance Research Institute member safety excellent rating standard. The car body is designed and developed with high-standard safety structure, a large number of ultra-high strength thermoformed steel are used, and advanced composite CBS is introduced in the B-pillar area to provide multiple protection for the occupants in the car. Through reasonable body structure design, the collision force can be effectively transmitted, thus dispersing the impact force absorbed by the body, making the cockpit not deformed and ensuring the living space of drivers and passengers.

  8 Airbag+high-performance explosive double pre-tightening seat belt to achieve all-round protection. AITO M7 has a rich and solid passive safety configuration, with 8 airbags as standard, including the main and auxiliary airbags, front side airbags, left and right air curtains and the second row of side airbags. At the same time, it is also equipped with high-performance double pre-tightening seat belts in the front row, which can give all-round safety protection to the front and rear passengers during the collision.

  Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, the top supplier in the current industry, is selected for AITO M7 battery. The battery pack has passed more than 120 rigorous tests in the research and development stage, and its wading characteristics meet IPX8 and its spraying characteristics meet IPX9K grade. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited is one of the first power battery manufacturers with international competitiveness in China, with highly automated production and online defect detection technology, which can ensure the strong consistency and high reliability of batteries, ranking first in the world in the installed capacity of power batteries in 2021.

  AITO’s M7 battery pack adopts array firewall structure, and adds air cushion armor protection technology, which has triple special-grade impact and explosion resistance, aviation-grade thermal insulation and nano-arc-proof design characteristics. At the same time, the chassis guard (engine compartment, battery pack, fuel tank, etc.) and extremely fast active cooling system can protect each battery cell in all directions.

  AITO has installed 100+ sensors in the battery pack of M7. At the same time, the battery management system has built-in high-precision battery capacity (SOC) and this battery pack thermal management algorithm, which can dynamically adjust the battery parameters in real time, covering many extreme working conditions of the actual vehicle, and ensuring the stability and safety of the battery under various working conditions.

  The VHR battery health management system carried by AITO M7 establishes the VHR fault early warning and life prediction model through the battery data of BMS in the cloud, and based on AI learning intelligence, it can accurately predict the battery safety hazards and protect the safety of users. On the other hand, VHR will also establish a complete battery health evaluation system according to the battery capacity, battery service conditions, use environment and other dimensions, and provide users with the best battery pack maintenance and maintenance suggestions, thus prolonging the battery service life.