Will you be moved by the new white Mercedes-Benz E300?

BBA series has always been the first choice of many young people. Today, we will look at a new B series, white E300 and white E300 are relatively rare, but we still found it. Let’s take a look at it together!

Now that we have seen this white e300, let’s start the inspection directly!

This 18-year-old white e300, recorded by a 4s shop, has a kilometer of more than 30,000 kilometers. It is a single-handed car with original paint. The condition of the car is not too big. It is all minor flaws in appearance. For used cars, this is normal!

Another most important question is, why do men mainly buy a white car? The owner also gave the answer he thought, that is, this car is a family car bought for his wife, and it is more appropriate for a woman to drive in white!

The guarantee of car condition has always been a concern for many people who buy used cars. We have always been careful in testing, and after testing, we will issue a test report to ensure the transparency and truth of the car condition. Everything is subject to the test report!

After testing the car condition, we went for another test drive, and then we drove home happily!

Well, that’s the end of this program. If you have any questions about cars, you can tell us in the comments or private letters. We will answer your questions as soon as we see them!

Research car alliance, walk with you all the way!

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