These restaurants you love to eat are working in progress, and you can taste the chef’s flavor at home

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Cooking is a poor skill, and eating is a little painful. Eating at home for too long always has a feeling of widowhood, as if nothing can stimulate the taste buds and appetite. Therefore, everyone began to miss the days when they went to the restaurant without any scruples to eat and drink.

In this issue, we have specially compiled a list of takeaway work in progress in Beijing, with peace of mind ingredients, authentic practices, and chef flavors, so that you will no longer be torn every day. Don’t hesitate, take it away quickly!

Wangshun Court

Speaking of Wangshun Pavilion, many people know that the most famous is the fish head bubble cake. What is the difference between Wangshun Pavilion’s chopped pepper fish head?

Selected 6 kinds of chili peppers, after 3 years of fermentation, the chopped peppers are fried by chefs with tea seed oil, which is spicy and not spicy, warm and fragrant. And the chopped peppers that have been naturally fermented for different periods of time have not only the crispness of chili peppers, but also a unique "altar fragrance", which is tasty and hot and enjoyable.

Wangshunge will pack the fish head, frozen wide noodles, red chopped peppers, sauce peppers, sauce, ginger and small scallions and deliver them to your home. After delivery, put the pickled chopped pepper fish head and material package into a steamer, cover and steam for 16-18 minutes. Fragrant, spicy, fresh and beautiful, it is the kind of taste that can ignite the little universe on the tip of your tongue.

Baked Qingyuan Chicken with Red Onion Head, heat it up and add oil to the pan, fry the ginger slices until golden brown, remove them for later use, then leave a little oil to fry the Qingyuan Chicken until golden brown on both sides, pour the fried ingredients into the pan, add the sauce and stir-fry evenly. The chicken is burnt on the outside and tender on the inside, and the teeth are flicked in the mouth. It’s so delicious that you can’t stop.

Millet Liao Cucumber Porridge, pour the millet porridge into the pot and bring to a boil, add the liao cucumber, cook for 1 minute and then serve. There is both the fragrance of millet and the freshness of sea cucumber. Liao cucumber Q is tender and smooth, and the millet porridge nourishes the stomach, heals and nourishes.

Grandma’s meatballs, this dish is easier to make. Put the meatballs in the steamer, cover and steam for 10 minutes before serving.

In addition, fish head bubble cake, fish head soup, crispy German salted pork elbow, black vinegar crispy beef, boiled shrimp, cheese-baked sweet potato, etc., have all been added to the "Peace of Mind Convenience Dish" menu~


Qingfeng Baozi

The small bun looks like an exquisite small bun from the appearance, but it is actually an innovative pastry that combines bun and pastry launched by Qingfeng. The black sesame seed salt and pepper flavor small bun has a faint pepper and salty taste, sweet and salty, and it is not greasy to eat. Hawthorn tastes sweet and sour, appetizing and nourishing.

Pork shepherd’s purse wonton is one of Qingfeng’s classic products. It is carefully prepared by several masters. It is made with fragrant and delicious shepherd’s purse and tender pig front leg meat. It can be enjoyed after cooking in a pot.

Fragrant braised meat skin jelly, selected pig spine skin as raw material, no edible glue added. It is braised with natural spices, which is slippery in the mouth, has a rich fragrance, and is refreshing and elastic. And it is rich in collagen, and regular consumption is helpful for beauty and beauty. No processing is required, it is ready to eat immediately after opening the bag~

Order method, Meituan takeaway platform or store can be purchased.

Huatian Eryouju

Casserole balls, Chinese meatballs, cabbage, vermicelli, and seasoning packets delivered at Eryouju have all been prepared separately. Add cabbage, vermicelli, balls, and ingredient packets into the pot, and add 500 grams of mineral water. When the heat is brought to a boil, simmer on low heat for 5 minutes and come out of the pot. The taste is tender, light and palatable.

Fish-flavored shredded pork, stir-fry the fish-flavored peppers in the wok over high heat, and then add the shredded chicken to stir-fry. Then add shredded fungus, shredded winter bamboo shoots, and fish-flavored juice. After boiling over high heat, the juice can be wrapped in the main ingredients and placed on a plate. The color is bright red, salty, fresh, sweet, sour, and spicy, super suitable for dinner.

Order method

In-store purchase, Eryouju convenience vegetable stall purchase, Meituan takeaway, takeaway platform to place an order

Ma Kai Restaurant

Hometown tofu, pour a little base oil into the pot, add dried chili peppers and tempeh small ingredients in turn and stir-fry until fragrant. Then add cooked minced meat and fried tofu and stir-fry well, add sauce and stir-fry until fragrant, add water to boil and simmer for one minute on low heat. Finally, add humidified starch and stir-fry evenly to thicken, beat a little clear oil and come out of the pot. The finished tempeh has a rich aroma and is very characteristic of Hunan.

Red braised tendon is one of the specialties of Ma Kai Restaurant. The beef tendon adopts a unique hair-raising method, which is simmered and processed in thick soup, with shiitake mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots. The finished product is ruddy, crystal clear, salty and fresh in taste, and soft and waxy in taste.

The sour beans at Ma Kai Restaurant use the pickling method that has been passed down for many years. They are naturally fermented after about a week and do not contain any additives. The sour aroma of the finished product is appetizing. Coupled with the rich aroma of Liuyang tempeh, it is an appetizer that cannot be stopped.

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TongChunYuan Hotel

Squirrel osmanthus is a famous dish in Suzhou, and it is the first famous dish in the town for the eighty years since the founding of Tongchun Garden Restaurant. This dish is crispy and tender on the outside, sweet and slightly sour, fresh, crisp, crisp, fragrant and delicious. It looks like a squirrel, has a rosy color and a beautiful shape.

Now, this dish is also working in progress takeaway, put the fish into 8 layers of hot oil pan fried until golden brown, to the outside of the coke tender out of the pot, the secret juice added a little cornmeal stir evenly, put 150 grams of oil in the pot, the oil temperature should be high, pour the juice into the pot, until the juice is foaming, stir evenly with a wok and pour it on the fish, and you’re done.

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Meituan takeaway, platform, and self-service ordering platform are all available for sale.

Tongheju Hotel

Dry-roasted yellow croaker, the sauce restaurant for this dish has been prepared, the fish is placed in a pot, the juice is poured into the pot, the front and back sides are cooked for five or six minutes, and then the fish is placed on a plate. The remaining sauce continues to boil until it is sticky, drizzle the juice on the fish, and a large dish is cooked.

Order method

In-store purchase, takeaway window on the first floor of Tongheju, Meituan takeaway or platform can be ordered.

Will be too unique

Teriyaki lemon chicken is one of the classic creative dishes that are unparalleled. Pour a little oil into the pot to preheat, put in the naturally thawed chicken chops and slowly fry them over low heat. After the chicken chops are crispy on the surface, pour in the special lemon juice. After boiling, remove the chicken chops and cut them into pieces and place them on a plate. The sauce in the pot continues to boil to be sticky and drizzle over the chicken chops. Finally, slice lemon corners and insert them between the chicken chops for decoration. The special lemon juice is sour and fresh, and the chicken chops are fried to a crispy skin, juicy meat, appetizing and refreshing, low oil and low fat, suitable for all ages.

Boutique Pu-siu eel, will be the only choice of pure water young adult eel, steaming and roasting combined cooking to make the meat thicker and more tender, using dates and honey instead of sugar to boil eel sauce is a delicious upgrade of the secret.

The classic staple food of Taiwuji is Japanese-style beef rice with roast sauce. The unique and delicious sauce is intertwined with the aroma of meat and rice, making you unable to resist eating it all every time.

In addition to these, gold medal garlic fried beef filet mignon, avocado salad, garlic fried chicken nuggets, salmon with lemon juice and asparagus, and so many other delicious takeaways are already working in progress.

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Meizhou Dongpo

A Sichuan cuisine master who has been a Mao Xuewang for 30 years, checks the whole process and launches the golden rice bowl Mao Xuewang hot pot. After getting the delivery, it only takes 5 steps: 1. Uncover the lid of the pot and pour in the Mao Xuewang ingredients; 2. Pour in a bottle of mineral water; 3. Pour in a box of tempeh ingredients; 4. Bring to a boil over an open flame and cook on low heat for 3-5 minutes; 5. Sprinkle with scallions and serve.

Selected eight meats and eight vegetables, the ingredients are delicious, and you can eat until you burn. In extraordinary times, life should be exquisite and ceremonial, and the golden rice bowl Mao Xuewang hot pot has been arranged.

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Taifenglou Restaurant

Braised mandarin fish, stir-fry scallion, ginger, big ingredients, yellow sauce and saute until fragrant, then add cooking wine, vinegar, salt, sugar, soy sauce, and finally add a small bowl of water to stew fish sauce.

Casserole cabbage balls, put an appropriate amount of water into the balls and cook for six minutes, then add cabbage, vermicelli, add salt, pepper, chicken powder, and a little sesame oil in the pot;

In addition, Taifeng Restaurant also has South Fried meatballs, lion heads, sprouts, pork, etc., with seasonings and marked with the production method of work in progress takeaway, which is very popular with everyone.

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20% discount for store phone orders, platform, and dine-in packaging.

Small intestine Chen

Old Beijing hemp tofu is one of the snacks in Beijing. The hemp tofu with small intestine is fried with vegetarian oil. The hemp tofu that has been fried can be heated in the microwave oven. You can also put less oil in the pot, put hemp tofu, and cook it hot. Open appetite, help digestion, and clear internal heat.

The small intestine-aged Kung Pao chicken is preferably chicken thighs, put oil in the pot and heat it to 50%, put in the chicken with sauce, smooth and cook for later use. Then add diced scallions and stir fry, add diced chicken and seasoning packets, stir fry, add peanuts, and then serve on a plate, slightly spicy and slightly sweet, suitable for all ages.

Order method

Meituan takeaway, platform to place an order or buy at the store.

Too familiar with home cooking

Kung Pao chicken, put 50 grams of oil in a non-stick pan, add the diced chicken and fry until the diced chicken turns white, put it aside, add small ingredients and fry until fragrant, then fry evenly with the diced chicken until cooked, stir well in the juice and stir well over high heat, add peanuts and stir well.

Chongqing Mao Xuewang is also a simple dish at home. Add 400 grams of water to the pot and put it in the seasoning box to boil, put it in the main accessories and boil for 2-3 minutes. It is spicy and fragrant, sizzling and delicious.

Fish-flavored shredded meat, put 50 grams of oil in a non-stick pan, fry the shredded meat in oil until half-cooked, add small ingredients and stir-fry well, add auxiliary ingredients and stir-fry hot, stir well in the juice and put it in the pan and stir-fry evenly.

Order method

In-store purchase, Meituan takeaway, platform order

Today’s recommendation is here. I believe that with this work in progress takeaway list, Xiaobai can also become a chef in seconds. At the same time, I also hope that this list can make your home life more delicate and ceremonial~