Jun sheng, I am old. Why is this tearful cherry blossom sadism popular in Japanese film circles?

The pure love novel My Cherry Blossom Lover sold more than 700,000 copies, and the movie of the same name based on it was finally launched on March 24th.

Fireworks are easy to be cold and fragile in a fleeting time. The more beautiful things are, the more they can’t be kept and grasped.

Mei Mi (Honoka Matsumoto) is the "cherry blossom lover" of Qing Ren (Nakajima Kento). Every spring when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, he misses her especially.

There are spoilers in this article.


Sunny people first met Mi Mi because of a free hair salon coupon. The person who cuts hair for sunny people happens to be a junior hairdresser, Mi Mi.

The first date between Harumi and Mi Mi was due to a minor bloodshed. During the barber’s dinner, Harumi suddenly turned to talk to Miumi. Miumi couldn’t react, so she cut her earlobe with a knife.

But Harumi was still very happy, so he got a chance to date Mimi. For Mi Mi, keeping an appointment became compensation for that incident.

Their first date didn’t go well, not because Harumi lied that she was a photographer, but because Miyuki learned that although Harumi’s ideal was to be a professional photographer, she easily quit her job as a photography assistant because she couldn’t stand the pain.

Mei Mi’s dissatisfaction shocked Qing Da-ren and prompted him to return to the photography studio. When he got his first salary, he got up the courage to contact Mei Mi again.

From then on, the two became lovers and spent a very happy time. After three months of contact, Harumi decided that Miyo was his lifelong companion and asked her to marry him.

Mei Mi didn’t agree to propose. At that time, she had symptoms. After the diagnosis, the doctor told Mei Mi that she was suffering from a rare disease "premature senility", and the speed of aging would be dozens of times faster than that of ordinary people.

After the diagnosis, Mei Mi took the initiative to ask Sunny to let her stay overnight, which was the last memory she left for their relationship.

Since then, there has been no news of Mei Yun, but Sunny people still can’t give up. In order to make sunny people give up, Mei Mi, who is already old, made a phone call to break up.

She told Qingren that she had got back together with her ex-boyfriend and said that she would never meet him again. Harumi was convinced of this reason for breaking up and didn’t take the initiative to contact Mi Mi.

Despite her brother’s careful care, Mei Mi’s condition continues to deteriorate, and the doctor said that she should not see the next spring.

On the occasion of Christmas, my brother gave Mei Mi a wool hat with cherry blossom powder and asked her to write down her Christmas wishes.

My brother’s wish at first was, "I want to get rid of it quickly", but he soon found out that Mei Mi’s real wish was, "I want to see sunny people".

In order to realize my sister’s last wish, my brother took the initiative to find Harumi and told the truth. Sunny people saw the note written by Mei Yun, and their hearts were in a state of confusion, and tears streamed down their eyes.

At that time, Mei Mi had lost all her beauty and youth, and she didn’t want sunny people to see her like this.

Without the permission of Miyo, Harumi never set foot in the room. In the last days of Mei Mi, Sunny people accompanied her through the door and shared the trivial things of life with her.

When Harumi became a photographer, he wanted to hold his first film festival. He told Mei Mi that he very much hoped that she could come and see his works.

On her deathbed, Miyun finally stepped out of the door and saw the film festival she had been waiting for for for a long time. Sunny people named the theme film festival "the same thing", and every photo on display was about beauty.

On the way back, Mei Mi accidentally fell down. Sunny people helped the old man in the snow, handed her a hat with cherry blossom powder, and then turned away.

This was the last time they met. Unfortunately, Harumi didn’t recognize the old beauty at that time.

After learning the truth, Harumi regretted it. After being depressed for a long time, he even thought about ending his life. It was a letter left by Mimi that saved him.

As mentioned in the letter, Mi Mi was glad that she went to see the film festival of Sunny People. She was very afraid of the passage of time and the change of appearance. It was only after looking at the photos taken by Sunny people that she realized that "some things are the same".

In those photos, Mi Mi feels that she can stay at the age of 25 like a sunny person. She hopes that Harumi will continue to take photos and take more beautiful photos in the future.


The movie "My Cherry Blossom Lover" was adapted from the novel of the same name by Yushan Jiayou. It was a big hit because it was touching. Last year, because of the circulation of short video platforms, the popularity rose again.

The heroine’s name in this film is "Mei Mi". In fact, this name is very close to the plot of the film, because the pronunciation and semantics of "Mi" are the same as "Laughter".

"Mei Mi" can be directly understood as "beautiful smile", and what impressed Qing people most was her cherry blossom-like smile.

Because lovers suffer from rare diseases, it is difficult for the hero and heroine to fall in love like ordinary people-this story should be familiar to the audience.

In The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, released in 2008, the protagonist (Brad Pitt) was born as an old man, and the younger he lived, the shorter the days when the male and female protagonists were similar in age.

In Love and the Elixir released in 2010, the young heroine (Anne Hathaway) suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and the time left for the hero and heroine to fall in love is quite limited.


There is no love for no reason in this world. The reason why Sunny people fall in love with Mei Mi is because he feels the vitality of pursuing ideals from Mei Mi.

He is glad that he likes Mei Mi, and it has been proved that Mei Mi deserves his love.

Without Mi Mi’s reprimand, he would have given up his apprenticeship, let alone a professional photographer.

Without the encouragement at the end of Mei Mi, he has given up his right to be a man, let alone a successful photographer.

No matter in health or disease, beauty brings great strength to Qingren, so that he can carry heavy loads and cut through thorns.

Although My Cherry Blossom Lover is a touching love movie, it can be seen that the director still hopes to discuss the philosophical proposition of "eternity" by telling this love story well.

Sunny man represents eternity, which can be seen from his profession. Because the invention of photography and film is the art created by human beings to achieve "eternity". In addition, the theme of his photography exhibition, "the unchanging things", also shows the "eternal" characteristics.

Beauty is the opposite of eternity, which can be seen from her illness. She is aging rapidly, which is equivalent to fast-forwarding the life course of ordinary people dozens of times.

For the exploration of this theme, the answer given by the film is that instant brilliance can represent eternity.

This kind of information was conveyed through Mei Mi, and when she saw those beautiful moments that were frozen by the camera, she finally let go of her illness.

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