Autumn written by famous artists

If you read more, your face will naturally change

The artistic conception of autumn is beautiful, diverse and wonderful. Some people write about the coolness of autumn, such as Autumn in the Old Capital. Some people write about the transparency of autumn, such as "Autumn in Jinan" as Ming Che; Some people write about the vitality of autumn, such as the blooming chrysanthemums in Beihai; Some people write about the depth of autumn, such as the bronze bell in Ditan; Others write about the peace in autumn, such as the quiet river under Upright.

Every autumn in the south, I always think of the reed flowers in Taoranting, the willow shadows in Diaoyutai, the insect singing in Xishan, the jathyapple in Yuquan and the bells in Tanzhe Temple. Even if you don’t go out in Peiping, you can rent a rafter to live in the sea of people in the imperial city. When you get up in the morning, make a bowl of strong tea and sit in the yard, you can see the high green sky and hear the flying of pigeons in the green world. Autumn in the south of China, of course, also has its unique places, such as the bright moon on the 24 th Bridge, the autumn tide in Qiantang River, the cool fog in Putuo Mountain, the residual lotus in Lizhi Bay, etc., but the color is not strong and the aftertaste is not lasting. Compared with Qiu Lai in the north, it’s just like yellow rice wine to dry in vain, porridge to steamed bun, perch to crab, yellow dog to camel.

-Yu Dafu’s Autumn in the Old Capital

In your fantasy, there is a medieval old city, a sleeping tower, a narrow ancient stone road, a generous stone wall, a clear stream flowing around the city, reflecting the mountain shadows, and a little girl with red robes and green pants squatting on the shore. If such a realm is in your fantasy, it is a Jinan. Please come in autumn. That city, that river, that ancient road and that mountain shadow are all prepared for you all the year round … God gave the art of summer to Switzerland, the West Lake in spring and Jinan in autumn and winter. Autumn and winter can’t be separated. Autumn is winter when it is asleep. God doesn’t want to wake it up suddenly, so he gave it to Jinan as a favor.

-Lao She’s Autumn in Jinan

If musical instruments are used to correspond to the four seasons, I think spring should be a trumpet, summer a timpani, autumn a cello, and winter a horn and flute. What if the sounds in this garden correspond to the four seasons? Then, spring is the whistle of pigeons floating above the altar, summer is the long cicada songs and poplar leaves making fun of cicada songs, autumn is the wind chimes at the eaves of ancient temples, and winter is the random and empty pecking of woodpeckers.

….. You can also use art forms to correspond to the four seasons, so that spring is a painting, summer is a novel, autumn is a short song or poem, and winter is a group of sculptures. What about dreams? What about the four seasons with dreams? Spring is the cry on the treetops, summer is the drizzle in the cry, autumn is the land in the drizzle, and winter is a lonely pipe on the clean land.

-Shi Tiesheng, "I and Ditan"

Since I told beginning of autumn about my age, my mood has completely turned in a different direction in the past two years, and it has also become autumn. However, the situation is different: it is not like the ecstasy and anxiety of the past in autumn. I only feel that my mood is very harmonious in autumn. Instead of that kind of ecstasy and anxiety, I was often attracted by the autumn wind, autumn rain and autumn scenery of Qiu Guang and melted in the autumn, temporarily losing my place.

-Feng Zikai’s Autumn

Only the sweet-scented osmanthus in the corner, the branches have been decorated with several tender buds as precious as gold, carefully hidden under the green oval leaves, revealing a little hope of new life germination. It’s raining quietly, only a little thin patter. The orange-red house, like an old monk in bright robes, hangs his head and closes his eyes, and is baptized by the rain.

-Zhang Ailing’s Autumn Rain

Mother came in and stood in front of the window: "The chrysanthemums in Beihai are in bloom. I’ll push you to have a look." There was a pleading look on her gaunt face. "When?" "Tomorrow, if you like?" She said. My answer has made her overjoyed. "Well, tomorrow." I said. She was so happy that she sat down for a while and stood up for a while: "Then get ready quickly." ….. It’s autumn again, and my sister pushed me to Beihai to see chrysanthemums. The yellow flowers are elegant, the white flowers are noble, and the purple flowers are warm and deep, splashing, and the autumn wind is blooming brilliantly. I know what my mother left unfinished. Sister also knows that we are together, so we should live well …

-Shi Tiesheng’s "Missing in Autumn"

Many years ago, when I jumped the queue in the suburbs of Beijing, I often walked home in autumn, and the road was too long to walk. My heart is tense, I don’t know where to go, and I don’t know what to do after walking. The roadside is full of tall poplars, and countless leaves fall from the zenith like a Huang Jinyu. The wind roared, sometimes tight and sometimes loose. The wind blew out the fallen leaves in the ditch, like a golden tide rushing over the road. ….. I am very small, no matter what I do, I am equally small. But as long as I am still walking, I am beyond death. Now I am a poet. Although I have never published a line of poems, I am even greater because of this. I’m like those poets, I’m reciting poems for myself right away and spending those long cold nights.

-Wang Xiaobo’s "Standing at Thirty"

Perhaps what I love is not the late autumn, but the early autumn, when the air disappears, the moon is full, the crab is fat, the sweet-scented osmanthus is bright, and it is not caught in the cold and bleak gas. This is the most enjoyable thing.

-Lin Yutang’s "The Taste of Autumn"

Lin Yutang’s The Taste of Autumn makes good use of short sentences in the whole text, which can also be reflected in this excerpt. The short sentences give people the impression that the author is talking in Kan Kan, witty and clever, which invisibly shows the author’s broad-mindedness and easygoing.

Autumn has rubbed off the old leaves. Do you want to hear a new story? The quiet river opened its eyes and said with a smile: there are always people who go home and there are always offshore boats.

-Jian Zheng (zhēng) "Upright"

Original title: "Autumn Written by Famous Artists"