Walking through the city and the wilderness, Yunqi -P makes looking up to U8 body control full of imagination.

Recently, Wangwang held a technical communication meeting on Yunqi -P intelligent hydraulic body control system, and explained this set of extremely hard-core new energy black technology in detail. When the advantages of electrification and intelligence of new energy vehicles are integrated into the body control system, what kind of sparks will collide? Looking up to U8, with the blessing of Yunqi -P, how can it achieve the ultimate performance, safety and experience that can be cross-country in the city?

Taking the cloud as a web, Yunweb -P has the ultimate intelligent strength.

According to the official interpretation, the "cloud chariot" comes from Wei Shu, and its name is inspired by the ancient imperial chariot in China. The "cloud" symbolizes the creation of a lighter and smoother driving experience with intelligent technology. In the process of the development of new energy vehicles, the body control technology gives priority to horizontal and vertical control, and the cloud is a key breakthrough in the field of vertical control. In other words, the cloud represents that the vertical control of the car body has been inserted with the wings of electrification and intelligence.

Yunqi -P intelligent hydraulic body control system is a hard-core technology specially designed for new energy off-road in Yunqi product matrix. It provides the world’s top integrated vertical intelligent control solution. From the intelligent level, it includes intelligent exploration architecture, intelligent computing center and intelligent control technology, and builds a complete link from perception, decision-making to execution.

Yunqi -P was first mounted on the U8, and at the same time, it integrated the extreme control ability of Yifangfang in horizontal and vertical directions, which made U8 take the lead in realizing the horizontal-vertical-vertical 3-to-6-degree-of-freedom body control in the industry. In the city, U8 can bring the ultimate luxury driving experience, and in all kinds of complicated off-road conditions, U8 can also indulge.

Nested layer by layer, Yunqi -P has strong ability of perception, decision-making and execution.

First of all, on the perception level, Yunqi -P realizes all-round perception through 50+ sensors. It not only has visual perception, but also can call the data of intelligent driving sensors including laser radar, and can comprehensively perceive driving behavior and body posture through more dimensions. Specifically, the perception that Cloud Web -P can achieve includes five dimensions: driving behavior perception, body perception, road surface perception, cloud data perception and system perception. It has a very detailed perception of the whole driving process of users, and can identify the driver’s intention, predict the vehicle’s motion state and realize multi-system linkage control.

With powerful and accurate sensing technology as the support, Yunqi -P’s intelligent computing center can be of great use. It can retrieve the signal data of all the sensing layers of the vehicle, and perform high-speed calculation on the body posture and wheel load through the self-developed cloud algorithm, and output the best control strategy in real time. It is with this powerful cloud algorithm that Wangwang U8 has up to 17+1 driving modes, and it can be upgraded through OTA in the future to achieve unlimited mode expansion. According to the official introduction, looking forward to U8′ s future upgrade and adjustment stroke, function mode increase, adjustment gear increase, customized upgrade, suite linkage, rapid iteration and so on, the function is very powerful.

Finally, at the executive level, the main actuator of Yunqi -P is the hydraulic suspension system, including compound spring, active hydraulic special shock absorber, continuous damping control module, multi-stage stiffness control module, four-wheel linkage module, attitude control module, multi-stage buffer accumulator, suspension control accumulator, suspension motor pump module and so on. The system realizes the functions of height adjustment, stiffness adjustment, damping adjustment, four-wheel linkage and one-button leveling by controlling the oil pressure in each key component.

Simply explained, driving in the city, looking up to U8 can keep a stable body posture through continuous control of suspension damping according to different road conditions, taking into account both comfort and sportiness. In off-road conditions, under the blessing of four-wheel linkage mode, it can lengthen and compress the suspension stroke as much as possible, thus grounding the tires, improving the grip and ensuring the passability of vehicles. At the same time, the three-stage stiffness adjustment of the suspension can also make the vehicle instantly absorb a large impact when dealing with extreme off-road "flying slope" and other working conditions, thus ensuring off-road safety.

To sum up, Yunnian -P integrates the three core technologies of machinery, hydraulics and electronic control, and realizes the intelligent linkage between the key parts system of the lower body and the whole vehicle for the first time, and implants the technical gene of the three-dimensional integrated control of the intelligent suspension system and the whole vehicle in the horizontal, vertical and vertical directions. Through the whole link from perception, decision-making to execution, Yunqi -P makes the U8 truly adjustable in damping, stiffness and height, and then dynamically adjusts the body control, covering the requirements of vehicle safety, comfort, handling and off-road. Looking up at U8 equipped with Yunnian -P can really be called "combining rigidity with softness"!