Huawei’s new products suddenly came on the shelves, and P70 made a heavy debut?

In August last year, Huawei launched Mate 60 series mobile phones directly in official website without any warning, which ushered in a wave of buying. According to Counterpoint Research data, Huawei’s mobile phone sales in the first two weeks of 2024 have returned to the first place in the domestic market.

Recently, Huawei’s discussion on major social media has started to rise rapidly, because the P70 series may come.

On April 8, Huawei suddenly went on sale in official website. ?WATCH 4 Pro space exploration, WATCH GT 4 vegetation green color matching and bracelet 9 Three new products, and at 19 o’clock in the evening began to engage in a live online "new product introduction meeting."

Moreover, according to outside rumors, Huawei will put up new products for five days in a row and broadcast the "new product introduction meeting" online. For example, yesterday (the 8th) was a special event for wearing clothes, followed by special events for new products such as the whole house, headphones, cars and PCs.

If the rumor is accurate, by the time I push this article, Huawei should have started the live broadcast of today’s whole house special new product introduction. Huawei official website was put on the shelves this morning.Huawei Smart Screen S5 Series and Smart Door Lock Plus.

In the next three days, new products such as FreeBuds Lipstick 2 headset, Zhijie S7 car and MateBook X Pro may be put on the shelves.

Wait … Where’s P70? The current news is that the P70 seriesat any timeIt may be on the shelves, and it is estimated that it will need to be snapped up like Mate 60 last year.

Huawei P70 series is suspected to be divided into four models: standard version, Pro, Pro+ and Art version. The camera adopts the upgraded koala camera module as shown in the figure, and P70 Art is slightly different from other versions, with a small piece on the left side.

As for the lens sensor, Huawei P70 and Huawei P70 Pro are expected to adopt the domestic Howell OV50H sensor as the main camera, and Huawei P70 Art will be upgraded to Sony IMX989 one-inch sensor.

On the screen side, Huawei P70 is expected to adopt 1.5K resolution, with a medium cup screen size of 6.58 inches, and all other models are 6.8 inches.

Needless to say, the processor is Kirin 9000S 5G, which is the most powerful Kirin chip at present.

At present, many offline stores of Huawei have opened the P70 blind subscription.

Finally, an interesting thing is that when we mention Huawei, we think of "being far ahead", mainly because this is Yu Chengdong’s mantra at the Huawei conference.

Last week, some media people broke the news that Ren Zhengfei had imposed a "ban" on Yu Chengdong within Huawei, forbidding Yu Chengdong to talk about "being far ahead" and fined him 10,000 yuan at a time. Yu Chengdong himself denied it and called it a rumor.

Therefore, after the release of the P70 series,Will Yu Chengdong continue to mention "far ahead"It has also become a hot topic among netizens. What is your opinion?

I think I’ll mention something.

No, like it.