Here comes Volvo’s "trump card". Look at its show.

Brand new looks strong and fashionable, angular and full. In terms of outline, the XC40 has a unique overall design, the whole front face looks smart, and the personalized Raytheon Hammer headlights on both sides have a patchwork of internal light groups, which are bright when lit. Judging from the lines on the side of the car body, the new car is still a personalized appearance, the tradition of wide C-pillar can be continued, the rim shape is moderate, and the visual effect is acceptable. The tail is familiar and full, and the taillight shape also has a certain sense of advanced.

Volvo XC40 puts the details into practice, extending high quality from appearance to interior. Configuration is definitely one of the strengths of the Volvo XC40. The car is equipped with a leather three-position steering wheel with four-way adjustment, which makes people feel energetic when driving. In the 12.3-inch central control room and the door handle, a lot of plastic, leather and wooden materials are used to cover and wrap it, which is simple to touch and feel. The 9.0-inch central control screen has simple screen design, but it is fully functional. The front row is also equipped with a dual-temperature automatic air conditioning control system, which can freely debug the most comfortable space atmosphere. The leather seat looks very textured.

The length, width and height are 4440×1863×1657mm respectively, and the wheelbase has reached 2702 mm. In the same class, the wheelbase of Volvo XC40 ranks 50th. This size exceeds most models in its class. The actual interior space performance is also very good. From the actual ride experience, the front and rear rows are relatively spacious. The sunroof of Volvo XC40B4 four-wheel drive Zia Sports Edition provides a wider field of vision, which can create a better visual environment and good sensitivity for the rear passengers and increase the light entrance for the whole vehicle. In the same price, the trunk volume of Volvo XC40 ranks 27th. It can basically meet the luggage space for family travel. But there is no extra hidden storage space.

Volvo XC40 is equipped with a combination of 2.0 turbocharged engine (direct injection) and wet dual clutch (DCT). 2.0 engine with Volvo XC40 is quite satisfactory in power performance, with weak low torque and can feel hysteresis. The official measured acceleration of Volvo XC40 is 7.6S, ranking 47th among 250,000-400,000 SUV models.

Volvo XC40 has complete active/passive safety configuration, includingAutomatic parkingZero tire pressure endurance tireAutomatic parkingSteep slope descenthill start assist controlknee airbagHUD head-up displayAnti-lock braking (ABS)Braking force distribution (EBD/CBC, etc.)Brake assist (EBA/BAS, etc.)Traction control (ASR/TCS, etc.)Active noise reductionEngine start and stopSide safety air curtainWireless charging of mobile phonenight vision systemLED daytime running lightsForward reversing radarTire pressure monitoringSteering wheel heatingBody stability control (ESP/DSC, etc.)Rear reversing radarFatigue reminderRemote parkingChild seat interfaceLane keeping (LKAS)Equal configuration.

Among them,Automatic parkingYou can avoid stepping on the brakes for a long time or needing to pull frequently;Steep slope descentCan safely pass through steep slope road conditions at low speed;knee airbagReduce the injury of the car interior to the occupant’s knees in the secondary collision.

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