"anchor Doinb returns" to hot search! It has been five months since the last broadcast was stopped.

  Today (April 5th), the topic of "anchor Doinb’s return" appeared on Weibo Hot Search. According to several sources, Doinb, the well-known anchor of Betta, will return to the rebroadcast on April 6, and there will be many guests to help out this rebroadcast, including IG-assisted W ink, Liang Xiao Umbrella, Smile and others. After this news was sent out, it quickly attracted the attention of netizens.

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  It is understood that it has been nearly five months since Doinb’s last live broadcast. At present, his live broadcast room has attracted many fans to watch, and the barrage is full of inquiries about the authenticity of rumors.

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  Doinb, the former core member of FPX team, once led the team to win the championship in S9 World Cup. That year was the peak of his career. Later, after transforming into an anchor, he won the attention of many fans with his unique humorous personality and funny live content, and gradually became the "big anchor" in the mouth of netizens.

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  However, the "fighting fish card incident" some time ago pushed him to the forefront. There are many speculations about whether he returned to South Korea to avoid suspicion, but these speculations have not been confirmed, and the specific situation has not yet been known.