BYD Han ev pure electric 2021 offer BYD Han pure electric 2021 landing price is about 218,300 yuan.

Byd Han is a high-end new energy flagship model launched by BYD Auto, and its price is about 218,300 yuan. This car is a symbol of BYD’s development to the mid-to high-end market, with excellent performance.

The BYD Han EV model given by Chebaike is priced at 209,800 yuan, but this is not the final price. There are 6 models of BYD Han EV on sale, of which the price of 2021 Han EV pure electric vehicle is 209,800 yuan, but if there is no naked car discount, the full landing price is about 218,300 yuan. Landing price includes license fee 500 yuan, vehicle and vessel use fee 300 yuan, compulsory insurance 950 yuan and commercial insurance 6789 yuan.

BYD Han EV is a pure electric medium-sized and large-sized car, equipped with a front-mounted single motor, with a maximum output of 163kw(222 HP) and a peak torque of 330Nm, with abundant power performance. The cruising range of pure electric vehicle can reach 506km, and the transmission matches the single-speed gearbox of electric vehicle.

There are 6 BYD Han EV models on sale, while the 2021 Han EV pure electric vehicle has only one standard endurance luxury model on sale, and the official price is 209,800 yuan. This price already includes the price of the standard endurance luxury model.