BYD Tang EV/Tang DM-p Glory Edition has been upgraded and sold for 219,800 times.

A few days ago, Tang EV Glory Edition, Tang DM-p Glory Edition and 2024 Tang DM-p Edition were officially released. This time, the new car has launched a total of six configuration models, and the price range is 219.8-269.8 million yuan.

In terms of appearance, the new car has not changed and remains a family.Dragon Face design language, the overall shape is very fashionable and atmospheric. In addition, the new car offers silver glaze white, blue and silver sand black.

In terms of configuration, the new car has not changed much, mainly in terms of configuration upgrade. For example, in terms of intelligence, it has brought 6 nm 5G smart chip, 3D car control, W-HUD head-up display, intelligent voice interaction of the whole car, ONE ID account system and provided baby/nap mode and new romantic mode. In terms of comfort, it brings 10-point seat massage, intelligent fragrance system, HiFi customized audio, wireless charging of 50W mobile phone, UWB digital key and so on. This time, the new car will continue to offer 6-seat and 7-seat seating layouts.

In terms of power, Tang EV Glory Edition continues to provide two versions of single motor and dual motor. The former has a maximum power of 228 HP and a peak value of 350. The latter has a comprehensive power of 517 HP and a peak torque of 700 Nm. In terms of battery life, the new car is equipped with 90.3kWh and 108.8kWh battery packs with cruising ranges of 600 km, 730 km and 635 km respectively.

As for Tang DM-i Glory Edition and 2024 Ares Edition, it is equipped with a hybrid system consisting of Xiaoyun-plug-in special turbocharged 1.5Ti high efficiency+motor, in which the maximum power of the engine is 102 kW and the peak torque is 231 Nm; The maximum power of the front motor is 160 kW, and the maximum power of the rear motor is 200 kW. In terms of battery life, the new car matches the battery pack, and NEDC has a pure battery life of 215km.