Thank you for meeting you, BYD Han picked up the car, and posted it to talk about your initial feelings!

It’s not long since I loved my car. Today, I will introduce my new car from all aspects.
Space: Han’s space is very large, with a body length of 4980mm and a wheelbase of 2920 mm. At this level, it can be considered as a car with large space. There is a boss button in the back seat. When you ride in the back, you can adjust the co-pilot with one button through the display screen in the center armrest of the back seat, so that the co-pilot seat can move forward, which greatly increases the seating space in the back row. I am 1.78 meters tall and fat, so I don’t feel crowded when I sit in the main driving position.
Motivation: there is nothing to say about motivation. The maximum power is 363KW, 680N.m, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers is 3.9 seconds. When accelerating, the feeling of pushing back is very strong, and it is as exciting as riding a roller coaster. Usually overtaking is not a problem. The official data of the four-wheel drive performance version is 550km, and there is a 605km long battery life version. Sometimes, can it reach 550km under test?
Appearance: the design is very handsome, and I like it at first sight. Youlong waistline, slip-back body modeling and Yue Long-style romantic rear are adopted, and the whole body is like a dragon. The grille design of China Net is also very popular, and it is also very sporty. It is very stable to drive, and the brakes are used, and the brakes are very sensitive. The steering is accurate, and the feeling of not being light or heavy is also very good.
Interior: the interior design is luxurious, all made of genuine leather and real wood, and the seat is made of Nappa! Leather seat, made of Brazilian calf leather, is very comfortable and breathable. The sound insulation in the car is also very good, and the silent tires are used.
On the whole, the price/performance ratio is still high. Don’t worry about the battery, the acceleration is comparable, and it is very comfortable to ride. For Han, I am quite satisfied to see that the title of a news is written like this. It takes courage to buy Han. I want to say that I have the courage.