Beauty upgrade, artistic renewal

The comprehensive development of policies at both ends of supply and demand and the rise of new consumer groups have profoundly affected the home consumption pattern. The convenient, fast, and one-stop home consumption experience is favored by consumers. In the context of the current accelerated consumption upgrade, home consumption ushered in a broader development space. At the same time, it also promoted enterprises to continue to refine innovation processes and Product Research & Development.

Haolaike Art Decoration is a one-stop service platform that integrates art design, decoration, customization, home delivery, and the main and auxiliary materials supply chain. On the new track to meet market demand, Haolaike Art Decoration continues to forge product strength, consolidate the core competitiveness of high-quality, high-value, personalized, and artistic products, and create a one-stop beautiful home for consumers.

On January 5th, [Beauty Upgrade, Art Renewal] 2024 Haolaike Art Decoration went LIVE, Kuteng, general manager of Haolaike Decoration Center, Chen Shaohua, project owner of Haolaike, Jin Chaoqiang, chief product operation officer of Haolaike, senior partner of Zhongju Culture & Ye Lingju, executive general manager of Sina Home Furnishing, attended this conference and witnessed the launch of Haolaike Art Decoration 2024 new products.

Take advantage of the momentum and win-win

The market size is huge, and maintain a high-speed growth trend, its development potential is beyond doubt, in the face of the changes of the main consumer groups, home decoration consumer demand upgrade and a series of industry changes, cumbersome long chain products and strong service attributes of the home decoration industry, in the policy, economy, technology, market and other factors to promote the whole decoration industry has become a new trend!

Kuteng, general manager of Haolaike Decoration Center, said that in the face of changes in the industry, accelerating the transformation of the whole assembly is the way to win for the installation company. Haolaike Art Decoration, as a one-stop whole assembly service platform, aims to provide one-stop transformation solutions for the installation company, open up the whole link of decoration, and fully empower the installation company to build a differentiated competitive advantage. Grasp the trend of the whole assembly era and base on the core needs of consumers. In the future, Haolaike Art Decoration will continue to provide up the ante with better and more complete systematic marketing services. 360-degree escort equipment companies grow rapidly and create a new blue ocean together.

Kuteng, General Manager of Haolaike Decoration Center

Insight into trends to promote the construction of ideal human settlements

Based on consumer needs and pain points, insight into the core and development trend of the whole decoration market, this press conference, Haolaike Art Decoration specially invited Ye Lingju, senior partner of Zhongju Culture & executive general manager of Sina Home Furnishing, to share the "whole decoration consumption trend insight". Ye Lingju said: In recent years, the incremental market has moved towards the stock market, the main force of new consumption has iterated, and the "whole decoration model" of one-stop purchase and delivery, saving time and energy has become the new favorite of the market. Haolaike Art Decoration has in-depth insight into the current user requests, accurately solves user pain points, and carries out product innovation in a targeted manner to convey the ideal trendy lifestyle for consumers and industries.

Senior Partner of Zhongju Culture & Executive General Manager of Sina Home Furnishing

Subdivision track, product power is fully upgraded

People’s aesthetic awareness is increasing day by day, and they have a deeper pursuit of fashion for the aesthetics of home life. In order to meet the diverse needs of new consumer groups, the three sets of products of Haolaike Art Decoration this new product launch are subdivided into three types: economical, determined and happy, and enjoy Ulike. According to the demands and pain points of different groups, different product solutions are customized.

According to Jin Chaoqiang, the chief product operation officer of Haolaike, this new product launch has realized a number of process innovations, including the use of excimer technology to create excimer skin-friendly boards, 3D printing process applications, and innovative breakthroughs such as ultra-high blister door panel technology and arc wall protection technology. At the same time, in order to adapt to different scene applications and storage and display needs, we have developed storage function modules, decorative function modules, special-shaped panel modules, etc. Haolaike art decoration from quality, appearance, craftsmanship, function and other aspects of innovation and upgrading, from product design to scene experience, from space customization to personalized lifestyle, to provide consumers with a beautiful and comfortable home experience.

Jin Chaoqiang, Chief Product Operating Officer of Haolaike

Integrated multi-wheel drive, deeply empowered

The whole package has become the focus of the industry, the general trend, and the whole package model brings the opportunity for upgrading and transformation and higher operational efficiency to the whole package enterprises.

At the press conference, Haolaike decoration project owner Chen Shaohua brought the theme of "multi-wheel drive, deeply empowering installation enterprises" to share, Haolaike art decoration through the franchise cooperation system of one city, one business/one district and one business and the national high-quality installation enterprises cooperate, from the franchise mechanism – operation mode – empowering support, to provide one-stop full-link installation services for installation enterprises, and through the benchmark big business to build, shape the operation benchmark and unify the SI image stores, enhance the competitiveness of stores, and fully support the transformation and upgrading of installation enterprises. Under the main theme of "Boosting Home Furnishing Consumption", this new product launch will launch preferential loading policies for three sets of new products, which will help the performance and profit of the packaging enterprises double, and provide one-stop solutions to consumers with high quality and high cost performance.

Haolaike decoration project owner Chen Shaohua

Upgrade the face quality and witness the highlight moment

Witnessed by all the guests and the audience in the live stream, the press conference ushered in the most exciting moment. Kuteng, general manager of Haolaike Decoration Center, Chen Shaohua, project owner of Haolaike, Jin Chaoqiang, chief product operation officer of Haolaike, and Ye Lingju, senior partner of Zhongju Culture & executive general manager of Sina Home Furnishing, jointly launched the release ceremony of the 2024 Haolaike Art Decoration New Product Conference.

Innovation continues and breakthroughs continue. The "new" of this new product launch not only refers to the innovative interpretation of the product itself, but also a keen capture of changes in market consumer demand. It is also the continuous optimization of Haolaike Art Decoration’s own development strategy. In the future, Haolaike Art Decoration will always be the cornerstone, continue to innovate, meet the diverse one-stop home furnishing needs, and build an ideal living space.