Fuel consumption 6.2L sold 99,700 Geely China Star · Xingrui Longteng Edition plus new listing

Based on millions, in order to give thanks to the trust and support of millions of users, Geely China Star has launched a new Longteng version model on the basis of cash, the official guide price is 99,700 yuan, and from June, you can enjoy a free car worth 5,000 yuan Comfort package, with more sincere price rights and higher value leapfrog experience, to further meet the diverse needs of users. The launch of Xingrui Longteng version is not only a new milestone to welcome China Star’s successful entry into the "1 million", but also will fully open a new chapter of China Star’s next million, and continue to lead the value of Chinese brand cars and the rise of confidence.

Since its birth, China Star Star Rui has always adhered to "user request as the center", constantly self-subverting, advanced, and continued to build high-value flagship sedan for users. The total sales volume of only 43 months on the market exceeded 460,000, with a monthly market share of up to 5.75%. In April, it won the NO.1 sales of fuel cars in China with a market share of 5.54% (domestic retail end point data, excluding imports), and its strength opened a new pattern of China’s fuel car market, helping China Star to quickly become the first high-end series of Chinese cars to break through one million sales.

This time, Xingrui Longteng Edition is a sincere work that stands on the top of millions and gives back to users. Not only is the price better and more value-added, but the product also continues the high-value genes of safety, health, intelligence, performance, energy saving, and styling given by China Xingrui’s quality reputation and CMA’s world-class leading architecture technology. Adhering to the high-safety gene engraved into the bones of China Star, Xingrui Longteng Edition comes with its own CMA architecture, which is naturally good bones, good brain, good foundation and good physique. It integrates 29000N · m/deg high torsional stiffness, 70.2% high-strength steel, 7 series aviation aluminum alloy front collision beam, Z-shaped deformation stringer structure, sub-frame detachment structure and other high-strength cage body safety designs. It has C-NCAP five-star certification safety quality and can withstand 4 times the weight of the vehicle. It is also equipped with car-grade CN95 high-efficiency composite air conditioner filter element, AQS intelligent air management, advanced cortical bacteriostatic steering wheel and other health and safety configurations. From passive to active, it fully guarantees the safety of users in all scenarios.

On the safety, Xingrui Longteng version also has 17-inch dynamic dazzling silver wheels, LED energy rhythm headlights, 7-inch LCD dynamic combination instrument, 12.3-inch high definition central control screen, OS system, 6 airbags, + dynamic guide line and other rich leapfrog configurations, as well as the leading 2800mm ultra-long wheelbase and 1869mm ultra-wide body, bringing intelligent and comfortable luxury experience. At the same time, the Xingrui Longteng version is equipped with a 1.5TD direct injection turbocharged engine + 7DCT wet dual-clutch high-efficiency power combination, with a maximum power of 133kW, a maximum torque of 290N · m, and a comprehensive fuel consumption of only 6.2L per 100 kilometers. It is also equipped with CMA’s unique wire-controlled chassis technology, four-wheel independent suspension, Sino-European joint professional chassis adjustment, DP-EPS steering power system, etc., to provide users with a high-quality driving experience that combines high power and high economy.

Million Chinese stars, dance with the times! Xingrui Longteng Edition is to undertake the first million glory of China Star and the next new journey, which will help China Star quickly move towards higher goals and fully open the next million era.