Adults who read 40 pages of comics will definitely burst into tears, and the best new fan with 9.7 points belongs to him.

Ah, I’m holding back everything.

Sir, just put it here: it must be the best new fan in October!

Open your mouth and eat Amway:

Ranking of Kings

Wang Yun-yi, Wang Yun-yi, Wang Yun-yi

Douban 9.7, the new fan with the highest score.

The 10th anniversary of Hegemony Society (Wit Studio Company of Japan).

What is a hegemonic society?

The production company of "The Attack Giant" (the first three seasons). Sales once occupied the company’s first place, so it was nicknamed "hegemony".

Based on the popular comic book of the same name "The Ranking of Kings".

Once the Japanese media gave this cartoon a reputation:

"A cartoon that adults will definitely cry when they read 40 pages."

But …

Before 40 pages, before the first frame, you may be crying first.

This is also the most unique place of "Kings Ranking"-painting style.

After you have seen all kinds of enchanting and complicated painting styles, it returns to the most 2D and concise fairy tale style.

Not only the style of painting, but also the characters and stories are absolutely solid.

Six months, 23 episodes.

The first episode, more than 20 minutes, has been clear and refreshing to establish a good world outlook!

More importantly.

In just one episode, you will fall in love with this mini, timid and the most failed prince in history-Poggi.

A lot of mom powder is already on the way.

He is the eldest prince of the kingdom ruled by King Perth, who ranks seventh among the kings.

What is the "ranking of kings"?

Even the king should make a list to see who has more knights, who has a vast territory and whose city is more prosperous.

Since Poggi’s father ranked seventh, it seems that he is a hot-blooded fan. Give it to his son to complete the counterattack?

Think too much.

This prince is outrageous.

Poggi didn’t use wisdom and courage to deal with robbers.

But … humility.

The robber said, since you have no money, take off your clothes and give them to me.

The prince just dripped naked.

The robber asked him to hand in valuable clothes at the same time tomorrow.

Poggi also happily accepted!

The next day, Poggi did come, still wearing the most distinguished and valuable clothes.

Come back on the third day, come back on the fourth day, and wear the most valuable clothes to "take off" the robbers every day.

Look at Poggi’s father.

The heroic retainer around him is only the size of his arm.

He once beat away the monster with his bare hands and won back peace for the people all over the world.

You tell me, this TM ranks seventh? ? ?

The prince was stripped naked by robbers, so he had to walk naked in the street.

Born with hearing problems, he has obstacles in expression, and he still looks "stupid" and can’t even hold a sword neatly.

No one thinks that Poggi is a justified first prince, let alone the material for a future king.

People in the palace secretly mocked him, even the common people laughed at him.

With such a prince, what should this country do in the future?

Does Boji really don’t understand these taunts and don’t mind?

You can tell by the expression.

Sweat is all over my face, and my face is red, but nothing can be expressed.

What’s even more worrying is that.

In the empty room, he finally vented his emotions with ease.

Look at the angle of this lens, it has never been aimed at Poggi’s wronged face.

When I cry, I only see the back of my tears and the drops of tears that fall.

Poggi didn’t want anyone to know his weakness.

He has a dream to be the number one king.

So he suffered silently.

The flashbacks at the beginning of the film have already explained everything.

On the bed of her dead mother, her mother comforted the bullied prince.

Make an agreement between them:

Overcome many unpleasant things and become the greatest king in the world.

Of course, in order to realize the agreement with my mother, it is not enough to be stubborn only if you know it.

There is pressure from father and stepmother, and there is pressure from people.

There is also a competitor who everyone thinks is the most suitable to be king:

Bigger and stronger than him, he defeated a team of Prince Dada by himself.

Poggi actually has a killer that no one knows.

At the end of the first episode, the initial account has been completed.

Poggi declared war on Prince Dada.

Is it time to see a joke?

Poggi output is not good, but the passive bonus is high.

Lightweight, agile, good at "avoiding" tactics.

No matter where the opponent attacks, he can easily get out of the way.

When the other person becomes angry from embarrassment, find the right opportunity to hit him head on.

It can be seen that "King Ranking" is an aerial fantasy inspirational fan.

There are no absolute bad guys in it.

Only the contrast is cute and the warmth is cured.

So, why do adults "burst into tears after reading 40 pages?"

Everyone saw themselves from Poggi.

Can kindness overcome everything?

It seems that the adult world does not recognize it.

There was something I wanted to do, but I soon gave up when I was hit by reality.

The comic author, Kusuke Shirakawa, was once such an "adult".

I was determined to be a cartoonist since I was a child, but I couldn’t bear the pressure of serializing cartoons after I entered the business. Like most people, I worked as an office worker for 20 years.

After many years, I still haven’t forgotten the dream of cartoonists.

At the age of 43, he made his official debut in middle age, created "The Rank of Kings" and submitted it to the website.

"King Rank" won various comic awards, the comic version was translated into many languages, and the cartoon version we are seeing now.

His story reminds Sir of a clip in the film:

The prince walked naked in the street without fear.

Adults are whispering.

Children will walk up to them aboveboard and ask, "Why don’t you get dressed?"

The prince can’t talk

What’s his inner answer?

Sir knows that you can’t wait to talk about the emperor’s new clothes.

But in this world that only belongs to children, we are allowed to have another answer:

"Why don’t you get dressed?"

"Because my clothes are gone."

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Editor’s Assistant: Yasujiro Ozu