"Science and Technology+Culture" Shaping New Consumption Format

  A coach teaches tourists to ski at Zhegu Mountain Ski Resort in Lixian County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Xinhua News Agency reporter Damon photo

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  Equipment made of special materials on ski resorts, colorful national tide activities and surrounding products in various scenic spots, and a variety of purchase items on the network platform … … Have you noticed these new consumption phenomena around us?

  These emerging markets not only reflect the power of science and technology, but also show the charm of culture. The integration of technology and culture not only brings people a brand-new consumption experience, but also releases a broader development space for the industry.

  Enjoy the fun of recreation and sports

  In the eyes of Chi Zijian, a member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and a famous writer, the coastal areas of Heilongjiang have different customs and unlimited scenery. "People are warm and simple, and their cultures are rich and colorful, such as making jiaozi, slowly freezing pears, lighting ice lanterns, dancing yangko, watching fireworks, living in a kang, and singing wine with Oroqen people by the bonfire … …” Chi Zijian said.

  This winter, Harbin, the "ice city", ushered in super traffic. The data shows that during the New Year holiday this year, Harbin received more than 3 million tourists and achieved a total tourism revenue of more than 5.9 billion yuan. The promotion of new media platforms such as turning ice and snow into Jinshan Yinshan and short video is indispensable. When ice sculptures and snow scenes with different postures appeared in front of the screen, people also planted yearning seeds in their hearts. Planting grass online and consuming offline. The new gameplay of Wenlv has made Harbin’s "explosive fire".

  On the top of the majestic snow-capped mountains, skiers are indulging in the Wanfeng Ski Resort in Tonghua, Jilin Province.

  After the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, skiing, an original niche sport, gradually became popular. A skier told reporters that in the past two years, everyone began to pursue a richer skiing experience, and consumers are constantly improving from gameplay to equipment. “‘ Rui Zhou ’ The ski helmet is our latest achievement. It is made of forged carbon fiber and has the characteristics of high strength and light weight. " Liu Jun, a professor at the School of Physical Education of Northeast Normal University, has always introduced to reporters.

  The shape of this helmet is also quite particular. Skiing is fast and windy, and it takes a lot of physical strength to keep moving at a high speed. “‘ Rui Zhou ’ The shape of the ski helmet is called microflow, which can reduce the wind resistance. " Liu Junyi said that in addition, the laboratory has also developed other skiing equipment.

  In 2019, Northeast Normal University established the Key Laboratory of Ice and Snow Sports in Jilin Province. The researchers moved the laboratory to the playground, invited athletes into the laboratory, and solved the problem of research and development of ice and snow equipment through scientific and technological innovation. "Next, we will bring these equipment to the market to meet the needs of skiers." Liu Junyi said.

  Enhance the national tide experience

  On the square in front of the Gansu Provincial Museum, tourists lined up in an orderly way, waiting to enter the museum. On the ticket reservation platform, the tickets in a few days have already been fully booked.

  In recent years, the "museum fever" has been heating up all over the country. According to the statistics of National Cultural Heritage Administration, during the Spring Festival in 2024, the national museums received 73.5801 million visitors, up 98.6% year-on-year. "Museum fever" is one of the representative highlights in the consumption of cultural tourism. Nowadays, going to museums to see exhibitions has become a lifestyle that more and more people like, and the demand for public visits to museums has surged. Some museums have also made outstanding achievements in the development and sales of cultural and creative products, showing their potential in promoting the consumption of cultural tourism.

  Walking into the scenic spot, wearing Hanfu to visit the park for free and other forms of cultural tourism activities with the theme of national style and national tide have become increasingly hot. "The new country is hot, and the excellent Chinese traditional culture is on fire. These are the increasingly prominent manifestations of the cultural consciousness and cultural self-confidence of the Chinese nation. " Chen Tianzhu, deputy to the National People’s Congress and deputy director and deputy editor-in-chief of Reader Magazine, said, "From those sought-after products of national style and national tide, we can see the blending of technology and culture and the collision between tradition and the present."

  In order to further enhance the tourist experience, more and more scenic spots have built VR (Virtual Reality) experience halls, and even with the help of XR (Extended Reality) technology, tourists can feel "real" travel anytime and anywhere. Playing in Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Yichang, Hubei Province, wearing a set of XR equipment, the Tujia village restored at 1∶1 instantly appeared in front of you. Visitors stroll through it by operating the handle, realizing an immersive tour. This is a communication, exchange and promotion funded project of the National Art Foundation led by Yu Riji, a professor of animation and digital media department of Hubei University, and jointly completed with Changyang Intangible Heritage Protection Center, aiming at creating a new experience of digital tourism.

  Facing the development trend of artificial intelligence, readers’ magazines constantly innovate content presentation methods and communication means, and the digital transformation is steadily advanced. In order to let the vast number of cultural and art lovers know about Dunhuang culture and feel the spirit of Mogao, Reader Magazine and Dunhuang Research Institute jointly held a special live broadcast event on the official WeChat of readers in WeChat official account. "I didn’t expect the reader to broadcast live!" "The combination of Reader culture and Dunhuang art is very attractive." The distinctive live broadcast room attracted more than one million netizens to leave messages and interact. In Chen Tianzhu’s view, emerging scientific and technological means are giving culture new vitality and getting more people’s attention and love.

  Stimulate the potential of "cloud purchase"

  Every weekend, Ma Yiluo, an 11-year-old primary school student in Yinchuan, Ningxia, always turns on the computer on time and learns painting on an application. She likes this way of class very much. She told reporters: "I can take painting lessons on my home computer without running back and forth on the road, saving time and effort."

  In Ningxia, Minning’s "smart wife" sold millions of poverty alleviation products every month through live broadcast, and Ninggangyuan’s fresh flagship store used Tik Tok to turn Tan sheep into explosive products. The new format is leading and stimulating the new potential of residents’ online consumption. In the future, readers’ magazines will also broaden the channels of increasing farmers’ income through live broadcast and other channels to promote the prosperity of rural industries.

  Online education, online training, online retail … … "consumption on the cloud" continues to be hot. All walks of life actively adapt to the constantly developing new situation and new needs, and some areas also provide special training for live e-commerce talents. "Technology and culture have jointly promoted the development of the new consumer market. These new models have changed people’s consumption habits and made consumption more convenient, efficient and personalized. " Baoping Li, deputy to the National People’s Congress and director of the Institute of Sociology and Law of Ningxia Academy of Social Sciences (Institute of Political Civilization), pointed out.

  This brand-new consumption wind has blown farther away. On-line classroom, seven or eight children with big eyes and high nose from Saudi Arabia are learning Chinese seriously with the teacher at the other end of the screen. In their home, the elders are watching the Arabic TV series Minning Town with relish in another room. "In recent years, we have shown the charm of Chinese excellent culture to the people of Arab countries through digital means, which has not only broadened the channels of cultural communication and increased cultural consumption, but also improved the communication efficiency and influence." Zhang Shirong, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of Wisdom Palace International Cultural Communication Group Co., Ltd. said.

  "With the continuous progress of science and technology and the diversified development of culture, the new consumer market is constantly expanding." Baoping Li said, "I believe that in the future, this integration will be deeper and wider."