Which is better, Xingyue L or Link 01?

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L and are both domestic cars, and they are both "Hua Dan" cars. The back of this palm is full of meat, no matter which one is praised, it is a kind of harm to the other. Therefore, only by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of these two cars in detail can we find out which car is more valuable. As the saying goes, "There is no shortage of gold, no one is perfect", and so is the car.

Reality always makes us feel "cruel" powerless, and we have no choice but to make one choice: I personally suggest choosing. It’s more cost-effective than ours, and I have my reasons for saying so.

Xingyue L chooses 2021 2.0TD DCT EVO two-wheel drive distinguished model, and Lingke 01 chooses 2021 2.0TD two-wheel drive Pro. The first choice is that these two cars are both equipped with 2.0T, followed by compact cars.

Next, I will analyze and compare the car from the following five aspects. With the comparison, it is clear at a glance which car is more suitable. As the saying goes, there is no harm without comparison.

The listing time is July 2021, and the listing time of Link 01 is December 2020. Although they are all 2021 models, the gap between the time of listing of the two cars is full for half a year, and the gap is still a bit large.

The official guide price is 155,200 yuan, and the official guide price of Link 01 is 179,800 yuan. They are all 2.0T compact SUVs, but the price difference is nearly 30,000 yuan. If you refuel this 30,000 yuan, you can basically run more than 40,000 kilometers and nearly 50,000 kilometers per kilometer according to 0.6 yuan, which is not a small sum.

The comparison result of this first item is that Geely Xing Yue L is obviously superior to Link 01.

andLectra 01 is equipped with 2.0T turbocharged engines, with a maximum power of 160kw and a maximum horsepower of 218 HP L4,325 N m.. CarriedThe engine model isJLH-4G20TDJ, the technical parameters are all the same. It is true that the same engine is matched to different models, and the price will rise.

The only difference is the gearbox. Geely-carriedIt’s 7th gear.Wet (DCT), andThe Lectra 01 is equipped with an 8-speed (AT) gearbox. Generally speaking, wet dual clutch may not be as durable as AT gearbox, but it has higher transmission efficiency and better fuel economy. For a family car, dual clutch is absolutely no problem, and it is still (DCT), so there is no need to worry too much.

In the second comparison, the engine technical parameters of the two cars are exactly the same, the only difference is the gearbox, and the wet dual clutch has obvious advantages over AT.

Body sizeLong x wide x highrespectively are4770x1895x1689mm, Lectra 01Body sizeLong x wide x highrespectively are4549x1860x1689mm。 It is also a compact SUV, but the body of the Xingyue L is longer than that of the Lectra 01. Although it is not many, it is always so big. Judging from the configuration of the chassis, Linke 01 is not very dominant.

And the driving methods of these two cars areFront drive, and the suspension system is the same. The front suspension form is multi-link independent suspension.

The steering system is the same, all of them, and the body structure is load-bearing. Even the configuration of the tires is the same. The wheel hub size configuration of the front and rear tires is 235/50 R19.typeelectrical parking brake.

From the analysis of the chassis configuration, the chassis of these two cars are exactly the same, and it may be more sporty than the adjustment of the chassis.

Through the comparison of the third item, it is found that the body length of Xingyue L is longer. The chassis suspension configurations of Xingyue L and Link 01 are exactly the same, so this one is more advantageous.

Active security configuration this block,andThe configurations of the two cars are almost identical. ABS anti-lock braking (EBD/CBC, etc.), brake assist (EBA/BA, etc.), traction control (TCS/ASR, etc.) and body stability system (ESP/DSC, etc.) are all standard.

Active safety early warning system,Lane departure warning, front collision warning, active braking, and road traffic sign recognition are also standard.

The configuration of Linke 01 is more than that of Xingyue L:Rear traffic warning, reversing vehicle side warning,Parallel line assistance, fatigue driving tips.

The passive security configuration is the same as that of. Passive safety configuration mainly includes: in front of the airbag in the main driver’s seat and the co-pilot’s seat, the front rowSide airbag,, (Tire pressure display),Child seat interface ().

Through the comparison of active safety configuration, LEEK 01 has four more configurations than Xingyue L. These configurations can make the driving journey safer, so LEEK 01 configuration is really rich.

andThe common configuration of the Lexus 01 cars:Driving assistance reversing image and 360 panoramic image, constant speed cruise, adaptive cruise, full speed adaptive cruise, (AUTOHOLD), uphill assist (HAC), rear parking radar, engine start-stop technology,L2 levelAuxiliary driving level.

ofThere are four driving modes. respectively areSports, snow, standard comfort;Lingke 01ofThe choice of driving mode is divided into three modes, namely:Sports, snow, standard comfort,There is one less snow mode than the star crossing L.

Xingyue L has the configuration that Linke 01 does not have:Front parking radar,540 panoramic image,The steep slope descends gently (). Is there a configuration for:Car side blind spot image.

Through the comparison of the fifth item, it is found that the Lectra 01 is even better than the Star Yue L. I really don’t know what to say. I didn’t compare it in detail before, so I always feel that the Lectra configuration is rich, which is really a bit disappointing.

No contrast, no harm. Through the comparison of the above five items, a problem is fully explained. The high price is not necessarily affordable, and the whole department is tens of thousands higher than the price. So … I think it’s more affordable. If I choose between two cars, I’ll choose.