A fire in a residential area in Nanjing killed 15 people, and a family of four was killed. The child was only 4 years old.

Top journalist Zheng Xu trainee reporter Li Jiazi

At 4: 39 on February 23, the command center of Nanjing Fire Rescue Detachment received an alarm, and a fire broke out in Building 6 of Mingshang Xiyuan in Yuhuatai District. Then, eight fire rescue stations, 25 fire engines and 130 officers and men were quickly mobilized for disposal. The open fire was extinguished at 6 o’clock, and the on-site search and rescue work ended at 14 o’clock. As of 24: 00 on the 23rd, 15 people were killed in the accident.

According to the person in charge of the Nanjing Fire Rescue Detachment, after preliminary analysis, the fire was caused by the fire at the electric bicycles parked on the overhead floor of six buildings, and the specific reasons are under further investigation.

Ms. Zhao, the family of the victims, told the top journalist that her cousin’s family was a resident of the 7th floor of the fire building in Mingshang Xiyuan. "My cousin’s father-in-law just returned to Anhui. Before the family learned from the police, the cousin’s mother-in-law and husband confirmed that they were gone. "

"I am afraid that my second father and second aunt can’t bear it. Most of our families are only children. They were told to confirm the fifteen victims at 8 o’clock this morning, and just learned that their cousins and nephews are gone. " Ms. Zhao said that cousins and husbands are around 30 years old, and the little nephew is only 4 years old.

As early as 2020, it was suspected that two residents in the community had repeatedly released the content that the charging position on the overhead floor was not enough, and many electric vehicles were stored in the unit door, and the electric vehicles were charged on the elevator. Residents also said that they have repeatedly reported problems to streets and properties, and there are no substantive countermeasures.

According to the report in April 2022 in the column of "Rule of Law Scene" of Nanjing Radio and Television, a fire broke out in this community in 2019. Later, because many residents parked their electric cars on the overhead floor, that is, in the corridor next to the unit door on the first floor, there was a fire hazard, which triggered complaints and media attention.

According to media reports, the residential area is a resettlement house built around 2010, and there have been fires before. There are 6 buildings with 34 floors in total, and the fire burns from the first floor through the stairway patio. According to official reports, Shangxiyuan Community was invented. There are 2 units in 6 buildings, of which the second unit with fire has 256 households and 762 residents.