Celestial Rubik’s Cube Platform Appears at Beijing Auto Show New Technology and New Products Interpret "New Luxury"

Since last year, the new forces of building cars on the new energy track are shuffling imperceptibly, and brands that do not master the core technology have been asserted to be eliminated soon. The struggle between the world and the ideal, and the entry of Xiaomi, have brought a lot of suspense to the market. In 2024, how will the new power brands cope with the market competition of not advancing or retreating? On April 25th, Sailis Auto made its debut at the 2024 (18th) International Automobile Exhibition. AITO asked all the products in the world and the latest technical achievements of Cyrus to appear together. On the same day, Cyrus Auto also held a technology innovation strategy sharing meeting, and shared with the outside world its self-innovative super-intelligent platform with changeable and continuous evolution capability-Cyrus Rubik’s Cube Platform. The release of this platform indicates that Celis has the industry-leading evolutionary ability in electrification and intelligence.

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All-line attack leads the new wave of intelligent electric power

At this year’s auto show, the Cyrus booth displayed products, technologies and services in an all-round way. Among them, the Cyrus Rubik’s Cube platform, a new generation of all-in-one super extended range assembly, a highly integrated electric drive seven-in-one assembly, and AITO integrated die-casting body were assembled and unveiled. As Zhang Xinghai, the chairman of Celestial Automobile, said at the sharing meeting, "Celestial always insists on the road of intelligent and electric integration under the software-defined automobile. Electrification is the carrier of intelligence, and intelligence is the soul of electrification. “


As the leader of the extended-range technical route, Celestial Automobile achieved the number one in the range extender industry in 2024, and has reached cooperation with 12 industry partners. Relying on the continuous exploration of the extended range technology, the thermal efficiency of the Celestial Extended Range 5.0 system reaches 45%, and the oil-electricity conversion efficiency is as high as 3.65kWh/L, which is equivalent to 3.65 kWh of electricity generated by 1 liter of oil. At the same time, Celestial Auto has successfully launched a highly integrated electric drive seven-in-one assembly in the field of electric drive, which has improved the performance and cruising range of the whole vehicle. In addition, the 9000T integrated die casting process is one of the core technologies of Celestial automobile intelligent manufacturing, which can greatly reduce the connection between parts. The rear car body produced by this process can reduce nearly 80 parts, effectively reduce the total weight of the car body, improve the overall stiffness and strength of the car body, and improve the safety performance of the car body.

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The M9 light and shadow space in AITO has become one of the highlights of the booth, which can realize the function of projecting lyrics through headlights when singing K songs, attracting many viewers to stop and experience. As a luxury flagship model jointly designed by Celestial Automobile and Huawei, AITO Wenjie M9 is equipped with a leading generation of intelligent lighting system, and its HUAWEI XPIXEL Huawei Megapixel Smart Projection Headlights can realize ultra-near field projection and 100-inch giant screen projection outdoors, which can meet the diversified driving interaction and entertainment needs of users. At the same time, products such as charging service, boutique accessories, APP service, etc., which satisfy users’ car life, are also exhibited on the booth, conveying the quality and temperature of Celis car CARE service.

AITO intellectual driving index released

As a well-regarded AITO community in the field of smart travel, in February this year, AITO community M9 officially opened for delivery. At the technical innovation strategy sharing meeting, many representatives of AITO M9 car owners came to the scene to share their car experience.


All along, Sailis has always practiced the tenet of "customer-centered, serving customers wholeheartedly", constantly innovating and providing users with diversified and high-quality vehicle selection. Up to now, the number of car users in AITO has approached 300,000, and many models are deeply loved by users.


At the sharing meeting, Sailis Auto officially released the latest AITO intellectual driving index. According to the index, the cumulative mileage of AITO’s intelligent driving model has exceeded 480 million kilometers, of which the cumulative mileage of intelligent driving has reached 135 million kilometers, which is equivalent to running 3368 laps around the earth. In addition, the proportion of daily users of AITO’s M9 intelligent parking reaches 68%, and intelligent driving has become the most important reason for users to choose AITO’s products.

The data also shows that about 72% of the accumulated mileage of AITO users is pure electric mileage, and the driving time of pure electric is about 85%. This shows that most users travel mainly by pure electric drive, thanks to the leading extended-range technology of Celestial, which gives users the driving experience of pure trams and solves the problem of mileage anxiety of car owners.

Cyrus Rubik’s Cube Platform Leads "Intelligent Change"

Good user reputation comes from good service, but also from the deep empowerment of technology. At the auto show, Cyrus Auto shared the self-developed Cyrus Rubik’s Cube platform, which integrates industry-leading technologies such as safety, power, chassis and software with the characteristics of "panoramic safety, multi-power, ever-changing space and intelligent guidance", aiming to bring users a "easy-to-use, super-safe" car experience.


In terms of security, the "panoramic security" system pioneered by the industry is applied on the Celestial Rubik’s Cube platform. Based on more than 150 car scenes, the system has developed more than 200 safety functions, of which more than 40 safety technologies are at the leading level in the industry, making driving more secure.

In terms of power, Cyrus Rubik’s Cube platform is the only automobile platform in the industry that can be compatible with three power forms: super-increase, pure electricity and super-hybrid.

In terms of space, the Cyrus Rubik’s Cube platform supports full-size and full-vehicle expansion from B-class to D-class, from cars to SUVs and MPVs. At the same time, it can be flexibly equipped with luxurious and comfortable configurations such as queen’s seat, double-cavity air spring and rear wheel steering.

In terms of intelligence, the Cyrus Rubik’s Cube platform has achieved 100% complete SOA, with more than 1,300 API interfaces open and access to more than 5,000 applications. At the same time, it can also realize non-inductive upgrade and help the vehicle achieve functional sustainability.

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Write it at the end

The release of the Celestial Rubik’s Cube platform is undoubtedly a highlight of this Beijing Auto Show. The platform is characterized by "panoramic safety, multi-power, ever-changing space and intelligent guidance", which realizes the cross-domain integration of safety, power, chassis and software. In the era of intelligent electric vehicles, it aims to provide users with a "easy-to-drive, easy-to-use and super-safe" car experience. The release of the platform highlights your system strength in R&D and production, and also reflects the confidence of Cyrus in coping with future competition in the auto market. It is believed that under the empowerment of the Celeste Rubik’s Cube platform, more electric intelligent products will go to the market and bring better car experience to consumers.