Leading the innovation of BYD’s new energy vehicle power system

Electric drive assembly system of easy Sifang platform: the pioneer of leading new energy power technology

At the 8th China Automotive Power Technology Conference held in Wuxi on December 22nd and 23rd, 2023, BYD won the "China Heart" 2023 Top Ten New Energy Vehicle Power System Award for its outstanding technical strength and forward-looking innovative thinking. This honor not only affirmed BYD’s outstanding performance in the field of new energy vehicles, but also highlighted its important position in promoting the development of China’s automobile industry.

As the latest technical achievement of BYD, the electric drive assembly system of Easy Square Platform integrates key parts such as motor, reducer and drive controller, which significantly improves the overall efficiency of the power system. This innovative design concept has significantly improved the vehicle’s cruising range, acceleration performance and energy efficiency. Compared with the traditional distributed electric drive system, the compact design of the electric drive assembly system of the easy square platform is more in line with the pursuit of light weight and high efficiency of modern new energy vehicles.

In the selection process, the electric drive assembly system of E-Sifang platform has undergone strict preliminary examination and technical exchange meeting, and finally showed excellent performance in the real vehicle test. This fully proves BYD’s leading position in the core technology field of new energy vehicles and also injects strong confidence into its future market competition.

DMO super hybrid off-road platform: an innovative work to break the limitations of traditional driving mode

BYD’s DMO super hybrid off-road platform also won the "China Heart" 2023 Top Ten Engine and Hybrid System Award. By organically combining the motor and the internal combustion engine, this platform realizes the intelligent switching of power output and energy recovery modes. It not only meets consumers’ demand for driving pleasure, but also achieves the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.

DMO super hybrid off-road platform adopts a highly integrated design concept, integrating key components such as battery pack, drive motor and transmission. This design method not only simplifies the vehicle structure and improves the reliability and durability of the vehicle, but also provides a new idea for the design and development of new energy vehicles in the future. This innovative hybrid technology not only highlights BYD’s technical strength, but also sets a new benchmark for the entire automobile industry.

Looking forward to the future: leading China automobile industry to move forward continuously with innovative technology

With the increasing global concern about environmental protection and energy issues, the new energy vehicle market has broad prospects. As a leading enterprise in China’s new energy vehicle market, BYD has continuously introduced new products and technologies with market competitiveness by virtue of its strong R&D strength and innovative ability. In the future, BYD will continue to increase R&D investment in the core technologies of new energy vehicles, and constantly promote the innovation and upgrading of power systems. At the same time, BYD will continue to deepen its cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, jointly build a complete new energy vehicle ecosystem, and help China’s automobile industry to catch up and catch up globally.

This time, it won the "China Heart" 2023 Top Ten New Energy Vehicle Powertrain Award, which once again proved BYD’s leading position and outstanding strength in the field of new energy vehicles. In the future, BYD will continue to be driven by innovation to promote the sustainable development and upgrading of China’s automobile industry and contribute to the green transformation and sustainable development of the global automobile industry.