Yang Mi took a selfie with a shrunken chest, and fans shouted "No bad reviews of small glutinous rice"

Yang Mi took a selfie and turned into "Crayon Xiao Mi" netizens teased "what about the chest"

Yang Mi takes selfies

1905 movie network news On the afternoon of April 6, Yang Mi posted a selfie on Weibo. In the photo, Yang Mi’s thick eyebrows were very eye-catching. I don’t know if he was imitating "Elf King" Lee Pace. It’s just that the chest has shrunk slightly, is it wearing a corset?

netizens have left messages to ridicule "no breasts, bad reviews", "no small glutinous rice, bad reviews", "young women are not stupid for the time being, take selfies"; there are also many fans who support Da Mimi "I can’t tell if she is a mother, except for beauty or beauty", "Da Mimi finally posted a selfie, I can’t hold it, it’s so beautiful."