Huawei’s "heavyweight" release! Pre-sale of Zhijie S7, the first pure electric car of Huawei Smart Select Car.

  Another new car of Huawei’s smart car selection business is coming.

  On the evening of November 9th, Huawei held a smart travel solution release and a new S7 product pre-sale activity in Shenzhen.The first pure electric car in Huawei’s smart car selection business, Zhijie S7, was unveiled, which was jointly launched by Huawei and Chery.

  According to the analysis, the cooperation between Huawei and Chery is a strong complement to each other’s supply chain and R&D and manufacturing capabilities. The launch of new models optimizes Huawei’s intelligent car selection product matrix, and Huawei’s intelligent car selection is expected to become an important "player" in China in the second half of intelligence.

  The number of new M7 vehicles in Wenjie reached 87,000.

  At the press conference, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, said that five years ago, Huawei launched a "1+8+N" full-scenario smart life strategy.Smart travel is one of the strategies.

  Yu Chengdong said that Huawei’s smart travel solution is a strategic upgrade of Huawei’s smart car selection model. It aims to use Huawei’s smart car incremental parts products and technical solutions in the ICT field over the past 30 years and Huawei’s excellent experience in quality control, sales service and brand marketing accumulated in consumer business over the past 10 years to deeply empower partners.Create a new era of smart cars.

  According to Yu Chengdong, 120,000 vehicles have been delivered by the M5, and 87,000 vehicles have been ordered by the new M7 series.

  Yu Chengdong introduced that Huawei has helped its partners to achieve commercial success and win-win in the era of smart electric vehicles through three cooperation modes: parts supply mode, solution mode and smart car selection mode.

  Yu Chengdong introduces three models of Huawei’s smart car business. Our reporter Zhang Xingwang/photo

  Yu Chengdong said that the smart car selection mode is the HarmonyOS Zhixing mode.Car companies that adopt this mode of cooperation include, Chery, Beiqi, Jianghuai.

  It is understood that under the smart car selection mode, Huawei’s participation goes further, not only leading product design and definition, but also directly participating in product positioning and pricing, marketing and terminal sales, and fully assisting car companies from technology to channels.

  It is believed that the functional experience of Huawei’s smart driving products has been ahead of the industry, and Huawei has upgraded its strategy, channels and products for the automobile business, and its products have entered the stage of sales realization.

  Pre-sale of Zhijie S7, the first pure electric car of Huawei Smart Select Car.

  On the evening of November 9, the first pure electric car, Zhijie S7, was unveiled in Huawei’s smart car selection business.

  This carWill be officially released on November 28,It is the first vehicle equipped with HarmonyOS OS 4.0 intelligent cockpit, and adopts Ark engine to bring a brand-new 3D car control desktop. In addition, Huawei’s smart voice assistant Xiaoyi is connected to the Pangu model.

Source: Huawei

  It is reported that the pre-sale price of Zhijie S7 starts from 258,000 yuan.

  It is said that Zhijie S7 is the first intelligent model that Huawei cooperates with Chery. With the listing of Zhijie S7 approaching, Huawei’s smart selection vehicle matrix is expected to be further expanded. Under the strong order performance of the new M7, Zhijie S7 is expected to drive further demand growth.

  It is believed that Zhijie S7, with sports and technology as its main selling points, is equipped with Huawei’s latest intelligent driving and cockpit system, with outstanding intelligent configuration, and is a milestone model for Huawei’s intelligent selection to enter the market. With the arrival of Huawei Smart Car S7, it means that the commercial map of Huawei Smart Car will further expand rapidly, covering more segments and bringing more high-value models. When the brand matrix and product matrix expand rapidly, the value of Huawei’s smart car selection will also continue to increase.

  According to the research report, Huawei is positioned in intelligence, and many models of its intelligent selection mode are gradually landing as planned. It is expected to distinguish potential car buyers through differentiated selling points and different positioning and pricing, and work together to form an intelligent-centered.Ecological alliance. Optimistic about in-depth cooperation with Huawei and simultaneous and active promotion.The head car enterprise of car transformation.

  The advantages of intelligent car selection mode appear

  It is reported that the models launched by Huawei and cooperation includeBoundaries M5, M7 and New M7Wait.

  In October, the whole sector delivered 12,700 new cars. Among them, the new M7 delivered 10,547 new cars, and the single model delivered more than 10,000 vehicles in a single month, a record high. The total number of vehicles in the whole department reached 57,829 in October. It is reported that the large order from the industry pays a deposit of 5,000 yuan.

  It is believed that the order explosion has become the focus of the market after the smart car model M7, which cooperated with Huawei, was changed to the market, and Huawei’s empowerment to cooperative car companies in intelligence, channels and marketing has been clearly reflected. The market expectation of Zhijie S7, the first pure electric car jointly developed by Huawei and Chery, is expected to further improve, driving the rapid growth of supply demand.

  It is said that under the multiple blessings of Huawei’s intelligence and marketing channel capabilities, the advantages of the smart car selection model are expected to gradually emerge with the delivery of climbing.

  It is said that the smart car selection model maximizes the complementary advantages of Huawei’s cooperation with car companies, and the profitability of software and hardware is stronger. At present, the sales volume of the industry continues to increase, which proves that the smart car selection model has run through. Optimistic about the successful proofing of the industry will help Huawei to expand its "car-enterprise circle of friends" and may become the main cooperation route of the business in the short term.