BYD brings revolutionary technology Yunnian -Z, leading the automobile industry into a new era.

At this vibrant and lively Beijing Auto Show, I was fortunate to witness BYD show its latest revolutionary technology-Yunnian-Z. This technology not only indicates the future of the automobile industry, but also represents the technological leading position of China brand on the global stage.

Last year, BYD released the Yunqi series technology for the first time, which is an intelligent body motion control system specially designed for new energy vehicles. Its launch marks that BYD has become the first China car company in the world to master this technology. The core of Yunqi series technology lies in its ability to control the three-dimensional space of car body movement, in which Yifangfang technology is responsible for the plane control of XY axis, while Yunqi -Z is committed to the three-dimensional control of Z axis.

Today, BYD has further expanded its technical field and released Yunqi-Z. The revolutionary feature of this technology lies in that it is based on the concept of complete electrification and adopts a highly integrated suspension motor to achieve a breakthrough in the speed and accuracy of Z-direction adjustment. This not only brings unprecedented stability and safety experience to users, but also makes BYD the only car company in the world that has made a leading position in vertical control electrification.

? Yunqi -Z is characterized by its ultra-fast adjustment response speed, reaching 10 milliseconds, which means that it can complete nearly 50 adjustments in the blink of an eye. This speed is dozens of times that of traditional active suspension. Another feature is the energy recovery ability. Because the suspension motor is used to do work directly, the transmission process of oil as medium is omitted, thus greatly reducing the energy transmission loss. More importantly, this system can also generate electricity directly through the suspension motor to charge the battery.

The launch of Yunqi -Z technology not only shows BYD’s leading position in the field of vertical control electrification, but also realizes comprehensive electrification in vertical and vertical control, becoming the only automobile enterprise in the world to achieve this achievement. The birth of this technology not only shows BYD’s strong technical strength, but also sets a new benchmark for the entire automobile industry.

Looking forward to the listing of U7, Yunqi -Z technology will lead the automobile industry into a new era. Looking up to U7 will be the first time to take the revolutionary technology Yunqi -Z, which will not only improve the performance of the car, but more importantly, it will change people’s perception of driving experience. In the future, BYD will lead the development trend of the automobile industry with its innovative technology, and bring more driving experiences beyond the extreme to users.

The emergence of Yunqi -Z technology is BYD’s profound insight and bold innovation in automotive technology. It not only improves the performance of the car, but also brings unprecedented comfortable driving experience to users. BYD has also created countless firsts in China and the first in the world, but it still innovates in technology research and development, silently engages in technology research and development, and then surprises users again and again, making contributions to the new energy automobile industry, and is worthy of leading the development of new energy vehicles in the world.