Behind the 300,000th vehicle of Great Wall Gun rolled off the assembly line: Where did China’s high-end pickup truck win?

For a long time, China consumers’ impression of pickup trucks is seriously polarized. On the one hand, foreign pickup trucks have a strong culture, and on the other hand, domestic pickup trucks are used as means of production, which leads to the stereotype that "international brand pickup trucks are luxurious and independent brands are cheap".

More specifically, in the domestic automobile market, pickup trucks have always been regarded as multi-purpose trucks, and their attention is relatively low compared with passenger cars such as SUVs and cars. And the low sense of existence, coupled with today’s competitive automobile market environment, it is self-evident how difficult the road to high-end pickup trucks in China is.

However, as the saying goes, "Warriors are marching on the road full of thorns", on the journey of high-end pickup trucks in China, brave people, such as, not only did not fear difficulties, but ran out of their own speed, and gained 300,000 users in just two years and eight months.

On May 8th, the 300,000th vehicle was officially rolled off the assembly line.

Standing at this time node, recalling the sentence "Make pickup trucks popular" shouted when the first model went on the market, I believe that many people would not expect it to become a reality, and it took such a short time.

Then, what is the concept that the sales volume has exceeded 300,000 vehicles in two years and eight months? This means that the average annual sales volume exceeds 110,000 vehicles, and such achievements can be in the forefront even in the SUV market.

In other words, in the relatively unpopular pickup truck market and the market environment of stock competition, the strength deduces the "speed", which proves the leader position in the high-end pickup truck market in China, and at the same time, this leap-forward development speed also makes people full of hope for the future of high-end pickup trucks in China.

Behind the achievements of 300,000 vehicles in 32 months.

300,000 vehicles are behind the glory of belonging, and it is also the life attitude and life story of 300,000 users.

Let’s move the time axis forward. In September 2019, the passenger version was officially launched. Judging from the launch time of the first model, it is not young in the China automobile market, even in the pickup truck segment.

However, it was this "young man" who proved himself in less than three years. According to the published data, it took only two years and eight months for its products to go from 0 to 300,000, and it took only eight months to leap from 200,000 to 300,000.

It can be said that this achievement has made the industry marvel at the "speed" and also let the industry see the blue ocean market of high-end pickup trucks.

Then, how is this answer sheet that attracts the attention of the industry specifically done?

"Choice is more important than hard work", so is building a car. Therefore, since its birth, it has found its own direction. Specifically, to create a "toy model" that can pursue poetry and distance for consumers, and the model should have high-end and play route tonality.

After determining the product positioning, it is to enrich your product matrix. According to reports, since the first model went on the market in September 2019, it has successively launched more than 50 models such as passenger guns, commercial guns, off-road guns, artillery, locomotive guns and king kong guns, and completed the price range of 100,000-300,000 yuan. Coverage can meet the car needs of various users.

It is worth mentioning that compared with the rich product pedigree, outstanding product strength is also an important reason for being favored in the market. Let’s take the powertrain as an example. The powertrain of the 8-speed automatic gearbox with 2.0T engine and ZF has great advantages even in the 200,000 yuan model market. In terms of configuration, intelligent security configurations such as adaptive cruise, parallel line assistance and 360-degree panoramic image also appear in the world, making it a real "passenger car".

Can you really impress pickup truck lovers by relying on rich product pedigree and strong product strength? The answer is no. Because compared with traditional passenger cars such as SUVs and cars, pickup trucks have to face more diverse and demanding car environments.

There is also a clear understanding of this. Therefore, when building the first product, we put quality first. In terms of manufacturing, Chongqing Smart Factory’s strong system capability and intelligent manufacturing strength are the guarantee of quality. As the fifth full-process vehicle production base in the world, Chongqing Factory strictly controls every link from parts screening to four major processes to off-line inspection around the concept of "green, environmentally friendly, lean and efficient" to ensure that off-line products can be delivered with high quality.

Of course, "the smell of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley." In this "fast-disappearing" era, good products also need to take the initiative to approach consumers, so the Artillery League Cheyouhui and six pickup colleges were established. These efforts have also enabled the APP to have 800,000 fans.

From the macro perspective of the whole market, it is leading the pickup truck culture in China by itself.

Start a new journey with "extreme innovation"

Bill Saporito, editor of Time magazine, once said, "Innovate or die. Especially in technology-driven industries, nothing disappears faster than success. "

In my opinion, this sentence by Bill Saporito is also quite suitable for the automobile industry. Think of it as an example. If we push back the time for decades, I’m afraid no one would have thought that China automobile brands could have their own high-end pickup trucks and be so popular.

The achievement of eye-catching sales results, in addition to the emphasis on product pedigree and quality, is also inseparable from its insistence on category and technological innovation.

Take category innovation as an example. Give full play to the advantages of Picado’s multi-purpose and multi-scene, and take into account the whole scene of cars, SUVs, station wagons and light trucks. Based on the two major categories of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, several versions of vehicles such as gasoline/diesel, two/four-wheel drive, MT/AT, standard box/long box/flat-bottomed container have been introduced, covering all categories with full-price pickup trucks, which can meet the different needs and scenes of domestic consumers.

In addition, the "Cannonball Plan" was released, which innovatively divided the products into two series, namely, the gun series with "mass-produced basic cars and special cars" as the core and the bomb series with "customized cars" as the core, which can fully meet the individual needs of users.

It is worth mentioning that the whole train has the qualification of towing, equipped with 2.5-ton trailer qualification, trailer power intake and trailer installation port, which can expand the use scene of towing indefinitely. The 300,000th new car rolled off the assembly line this time is the trailer version of the passenger gun, and the trailer version of the passenger gun and the commercial gun are also listed simultaneously.

Thanks to the continuous innovation in technology and category, in 2021, it also won the scientific and technological progress award including China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award, Global pickup truck model brand in 2021, China pickup truck of the year, outstanding China brand of the year and best-selling pickup truck of the year, and won the recognition of a large number of overseas users.

According to official data, in 2021, it has been listed in more than 50 countries on four continents, and has become the first China brand with five-star safety rating under the latest Australian ANCAP standards, and has become the "China business card" of the global pickup truck category.

In the journey of China automobile brand to the sea of stars, 300,000 vehicles is only the beginning for us. According to the plan, we will continue to innovate in categories and technologies in the future, and continue to improve and optimize product performance with "extreme innovation", focusing on new energy fields such as hybrid, pure electric and hydrogen energy, so as to achieve all-round efforts and create a cleaner, smarter and safer global pickup truck.

Write at the end:

It sold 300,000 vehicles in 2 years and 8 months. While achieving the goal of "making pickup trucks popular", it also successfully explored a development path of its own, that is, breaking the traditional understanding of pickup trucks by Chinese people and making the gameplay of pickup trucks ever-changing; Relying on strong product strength as a support, we will continue to innovate products and create an ecological closed loop of "brand-product-user-brand"; Build a global vision and let China’s high-end pickup trucks go out.

Now, standing at a new starting point of 300,000 vehicles, we have clearly planned two categories: passenger leisure and fashion business, and insisted on category innovation to promote the brand’s overall upgrading. I believe that under our leadership, the pickup truck culture in China will become stronger and stronger, and the share of high-end pickup trucks in China will gradually expand in the global market.